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The Clay Method summarizes some of the philosophies we built Clay around and our pillars of conscious communication. It'll provide a little context for the thought process that guides feature development and design, but if you're interested in knowing more, we recommend checking out one of the stories that inspired us.

Use Zapier to connect with other apps

Clay offers direct integrations with many providers, and we have more on the roadmap, but we can’t build everything. That's why we've built a Zapier integration that allows you to push data to Clay from many other apps! Check out the guide for details on how to set everything up.

Clay's advanced search features can help you find who you're looking for quickly

Clay's Search is incredibly powerful and can oftentimes circumvent the need to create dedicated groups for locations or professions. Check out our example search terms to see how they can better serve your needs and learn about our advanced search features. 

Archive integrations for accounts you're no longer using

If you’re changing jobs and want to keep your contacts and Moments in Clay, you can now archive a connected email or calendar account. Archiving keeps all your data from that account but stops syncing moving forward while deleting an account will remove all contacts or Moments created via that account.

CleanShot 2023-10-31 at 13.32.30.gif

Go to Settings > Integrations and hit the "X" next to an integration.

  • Select Keep Copy if you’d like to archive all information connected with that account in Clay
  • Select Delete if you want all data connected to that account to be removed from your Clay account

Use Markdown formatting to level up your note-taking

support full Markdown. Write in Markdown or paste Markdown directly, and it will be converted to rich text automatically. Read more about Markdown and access full capabilities here.

  • Headings
    • # then space for Heading 1
    • ## then space for Heading 2
    • ### then space for Heading 3
    • #### then space for Heading 4
    • ##### then space for Heading 5
    • ###### then space for Heading 6
  • Text formatting
    • *text* or B for bold text
    • **text** or _text_ or I for italicized text
    • *, -, or + then space for a bulleted list
    • 1. for a numbered list
    • [] for a to do
    • > then space for an indent/block quote

Hold down lock screen notifications to take a note

You can add a note from your iOS lock screen by holding down a pre-meeting notification until a popup appears.

Use swipe actions to access common actions

  • In Review, swiping to the right allows you to take a note, and swiping to the left dismisses the card
  • In Search, swiping to the right opens an email draft to that person, and swiping to the left allows you to add a note

Experiment with iOS widgets to customize your home screen while ensuring you're up-to-date

Organize and personalize your home screen with Clay widgets that provide information about the newest and most important people in your life, without ever opening Clay.

On iOS, you can dictate your notes or scan business cards and handwritten materials into Clay

There are two other ways to create notes—tap Dictate and speak and Clay's smart voice-to-text software will add punctuation and recognize names, or double-tap under Note and select the square with text button to scan in a business card or handwritten note.

On Mac and Web, the Command Bar provides easy access to all actions within Clay

Hit K to pull up the Command Bar, a context-dependent action hub. Depending on what screen you're viewing, you can quickly take a note, add a person to Clay, edit a group, or search for people from anywhere within the app.

Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate Clay more efficiently

Clay supports both app-wide keyboard shortcuts on Mac and Web, such as N to create a note from anywhere, as well as context-specific, such as H to change a Reconnect cadence when a card is open. Hit ? to pull up a complete list.

Use multi-select for bulk actions

On Mac, Windows, and Web, you can select multiple people in Search or:

  • Use your mouse, or tap X or space to select a single person
  • Shift + / to select multiple in a row
  • Use A or the select all checkbox at the top right to select everyone
  • Hit escape once to deselect all and twice to go back to your search

Once you've selected multiple people, you can add or remove everyone from a group, merge, remove, or copy everyone's email addresses by right-clicking on your selection. You can also drag the selected people over a group in the left sidebar to add them. 

Explore a Use Case

This use case explores how Avery, an avid Clay Member, uses various features in Clay to help be thoughtful in the relationships in their life.

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