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Notes are one of the core building blocks of Clay. We're huge advocates of writing a quick recap after interactions to foster serendipity and thoughtfulness, resulting in more meaningful connections.

Clay Notes support Markdown formatting, and you can reference other contacts bidirectionally with @ as well as tagging contacts with specific labels using # that can be filtered for in Search.

Creating a Note

On Mac and Web


  1. Open a card and click Add Note or hit H


  1. Hit N while hovering over someone in Review, Search, or a Group


  1. Click Add at the bottom left or type P
  2. Search for and select someone
  3. Type the note into the available field

On iOS


  1. Tap Add in the Tab bar
  2. Find the Contact you'd like to add a Note for
  3. Add the Note and save



  1. Open a card and tap Note in the Action menu



  1. Swipe left on a card in Review or Search and tap Add Note

🌟 Pro Tip: There are two other ways to create notes within iOSβ€”tap Dictate to use Clay's smart voice-to-text software which adds punctuation and recognizes names or tap Scan to gather all the text from a business card, handwritten note, etc.

🌟 Pro Tip: You can add a note from your iOS lock screen by holding down a pre-meeting notification until a popup appears.


Editing or Removing a Note

On Mac and Web


  1. Open a card and highlight a note
  2. Click on it to edit or click Delete 


  1. Open Notes under Collections
  2. Click on the note you'd like to edit or click Delete

On iOS


  1. Open a card and select a note
  2. Tap Edit or Delete

Searching your Notes

On Mac and Web


  1. Select Search at the top right or Command Bar at the bottom left (or type / or ⌘K)

On iOS


  1. Tap Search in the Tab bar

Viewing your Notes

You can view notes on individual cards or look at all the notes you've taken ordered by recency.

On Mac and Web


  1. Click on Notes under Collections in the sidebar or hit G then N

On iOS


  1. Tap Collections in the Tab bar
  2. Select Notes


Keyboard Shortcuts

G then N to open the Notes Collection

G then H to open the Reminders Collection

N to create a new note from anywhere within the app

In a card

N to create a new note

E to edit the highlighted note 

# to delete the highlighted note

⌘F to find something within the card

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