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Notes are one of the core building blocks of Clay. We're huge advocates of writing a quick recap after interactions to foster serendipity and thoughtfulness, resulting in more meaningful connections.

Clay Notes support Markdown formatting, and you can reference other contacts bidirectionally with @ as well as tagging contacts with specific labels using # that can be filtered for in Search.

Creating a Note

On Mac and Web

adding notes.gif

  1. Open a card and click the Notes field while on the Timeline tab, click Add Note at the top, or hit N


  1. Hit N while hovering over someone in Home, Search, or a Group


  1. Click Add Person at the bottom left or press P
  2. Search for and select someone
  3. Type the note into the available field

On iOS


  1. Tap Add in the Tab bar
  2. Find the Contact you'd like to add a Note for
  3. Add the Note and save



  1. Open a card and tap Note in the Action menu



  1. Swipe left on a card in Review or Search and tap Add Note

🌟 Pro Tip: There are two other ways to create notes within iOSβ€”tap Dictate to use Clay's smart voice-to-text software which adds punctuation and recognizes names or tap Scan to gather all the text from a business card, handwritten note, etc.

🌟 Pro Tip: You can add a note from your iOS lock screen by holding down a pre-meeting notification until a popup appears.


Editing or Removing a Note

On Mac and Web

edit or delete notes.gif

  1. Open a card and highlight a note
  2. Click on it to edit or click Delete 

On iOS


  1. Open a card and select a note
  2. Tap Edit or Delete

Searching your Notes

On Mac and Web

search notes.gif

  1. Select Search at the top right, or type / or ⌘K)
  2. Search for note:(keyword) without the parentheses to pull up notes with specific keywords

On iOS


  1. Tap Search in the Tab bar

Keyboard Shortcuts

N to create a new note from anywhere within the app

In a card

N to create a new note

⌘F to find something within the card

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