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One of our pillars of conscious communication is showing up. If you want to make sure you remember to reach out at the right time, use a Reminder. Clay will let you know when it's due in Home.

Setting a Reminder

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Clay intelligently recognizes when you type a date and time in a note and sets a reminder accordingly. This can be a relative date, meaning you can type three days from now or next week, or a specific date, meaning Tuesday at noon or April 19, 2025 at 4pm.

Clay also recognizes approximate times such as afternoon as 2pm and evening and night as 6pm, respectively. 

Clay will notify you when the time of your reminder passes by sending a push notification through any connected iOS devices and placing an item in Home.

Editing or Removing a Reminder

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To remove a reminder, go through the same process you would use to edit a note and then click or tap on the highlighted date. 

If you'd like to edit the reminder, delete it and enter the correct date and time in its place, and Clay will recognize it.

Viewing Your Reminders

You can view reminders on individual cards or look at all the reminders you've set ordered by when they're due. If the reminder text and icon are blue, that means it's upcoming. If it's grayed out, it's passed.

On Mac and Web

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  1. Click on the 3-line menu at the top in Home then select Reminders

On iOS


  1. Tap Collections in the Tab bar
  2. Select Reminders

Keyboard Shortcuts

N to create a new note from anywhere within the app

In a card

N to create a new note

F to find something within the card

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