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Command Bar

The Command Bar is a convenient way to access frequent actions or perform searches on Mac or Web.

How does it work?

The Command Bar is context-dependent and displays different actions based on what you’re viewing. Use the Command Bar to quickly take a note, create a new card, navigate to any view, contact support, or search anywhere within the app—pull it up with K.

When accessed in a card, the Command Bar displays additional shortcuts for person-specific actions like changing the reconnect cadence, adding to a group, editing, archiving, and merging. Similarly, group-specific actions are displayed when used in a Group. Examples are editing the group, copying everyone's email addresses, adding people, and deleting the group.

When pulled up with selected contacts in Search or a Group, you can add them to a group, archive, merge, or copy their email addresses. 

Swipe Actions

On iOS, Clay supports swipe actions in and search:

  • In Review, you can swipe to the right to star, or swipe to the left to take a note, change the reconnect cadence, or dismiss the reminder
  • In Search, swiping to the right opens an email draft to that person, and swiping to the left allows you to add a note

Keyboard Shortcuts

Most actions in Clay have an associated keyboard shortcut that makes them accessible with one tap. You can access the latest list of keyboard shortcuts by typing ? on any screen.

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