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Export to CSV

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The first export we're offering is CSV since it’s the most widely supported. You can export your data at any time:

  1. Go to Personal Info in the top right, then Settings on Mac, Web, or iOS
  2. Under Info, tap Export my data
  3. Press Confirm and check your email


Depending on how many contacts and notes you have, the export process may take a few minutes. You should then receive an email from



Because the data Clay integrates are highly intertwined, you’ll receive 3 spreadsheets that together represent the data you imported.

  1. contacts_{id}.csv is a list of contacts and their names, if available. The first column of this file is a unique ID that can be used to join data in the next 2 sheets.
  2. contacts_info_{id}.csv is the contact info imported from your calendar, email, etc. The contact_id column can be used to associate each row back to a contact in the first spreadsheet.
  3. notes_{id}.csv is a list of notes, sorted by contact. Again, you can use the contact_id column to associate notes back to a contact.

As mentioned, our intention is to support more export formats in the future.

We’ll also look into providing this as one file, but the reason we don’t is that it may have 100+ columns depending on the amount of notes or contact info. Providing three files makes it easier to parse in other products and services.

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