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Pre-meeting Briefs

We’ve crafted a helpful reminder to get you up to speed for your next meeting—including any previous notes and links to all social profiles.

Quick Notes

Clay is the fastest way to save your thoughts and follow-ups without distracting from your meeting. Tap and hold a notification during or after a meeting to take a note.

New Clay Member

Learn when someone you know joins Clay.


A handy reminder the morning of, when it's someone's birthday.


Get notified about your Reconnect recommendations each day.

Weekly Digest

The Weekly Digest is a convenient way for you to receive news and updates from your network. You’ll receive a beautiful personalized summary email every Sunday evening that will help you be fully prepared for the week ahead.

Weekly Digest is enabled by default. You can turn it on or off in Settings.

Daily Brief

Sent each morning, the Daily Brief email covers who you'll be meeting with and quickly contextualizes your relationship with them.

Customizing Your Notifications


  1. Go to Profile Icon, then Settings on iOS, Mac, Windows, or Web
  2. Under Notifications, toggle any of the notification types mentioned above

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