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Cleaning up Contacts

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Depending on what you've connected to Clay, you may have tens of thousands of contacts and people you've met in the past years. While some Clay members love having everyone in one place, others prefer to clean up and narrow the scope of using Clay. There are a few strategies we suggest to do that:

1. Search for old contacts and archive them.

Clay's powerful Search allows you to search for people by recency date and you can archive those people in one click. For example, searching lastMet:<2020 will show anyone who you haven't met in the past few years which you can then select all with ⌘ + A and press the hashtag (#) symbol to archive.

2. Turn on auto-merge in Settings.

If you go to Settings > General, you can turn on auto-merge, Clay's new duplicate resolver, which will automatically merge people intelligently where there's a high confidence that they're the same person. 

turn on merge.gif

This will reduce your contact count by merging profiles that came in from multiple integrations.

3. Remove integrations that are less relevant.

If you'd prefer to keep Clay very focused, you can choose to remove an entire integration where you feel like there's not enough signal or relevance. For example, you may find that the LinkedIn integration pulls in everybody you've ever connected with on LinkedIn, but if you feel like too many of those people aren't close connections and aren't people you'd feel comfortable contacting, it might be better to remove the LinkedIn integration and limit your network to just email and calendar.

Similarly, iOS Contacts is a fairly low-signal integration since you've likely collected many many people over your phone's history that you don't view as particularly close connections.

You can also search for those integrations using the searches integration:LinkedIn or integration:Apple-Contacts to remove specific people from those integrations. 

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