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How do the email preference settings work?

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There are two types of email-related actions you may take from Clay:

  1. Open an existing email thread or calendar invite from a person’s Moments. We link you to your messages in other applications so that Clay never needs to store the contents of your messages.

  2. Start a new email to one of your people or to the Clay Support team.

Different email clients (e.g. Outlook, Superhuman, Spark, Airmail, etc.) and different operating systems (e.g. Mac, iOS, Windows, etc.) have varying support for doing each of these things, with some mail clients not supporting “deep-linking” to a particular email message or calendar invite at all. Because of these limitations, email preferences work differently in our iOS app vs. our desktop and web apps:

  1. In iOS, the “Open emails in” setting controls both where existing emails will be opened AND what client will be used to start a new email.

  2. In desktop and web, the “View Moments emails in” setting controls where existing emails and calendar invites in Moments will be opened. Because of limitations in mail client capabilities, you must set your device’s default email client if you want to change where new emails are opened from Clay.

If you’re using Clay on your Mac, make sure that you have your default mail client and web browser set as intended. You can follow Apple support guides here. Because Clay uses your operating system’s default support for mailto: links and opens Moments in Gmail or Outlook directly, if those settings are not set correctly, Clay won’t open those links in the correct application.

If there’s an email client that you use that we don’t currently support, let us know here and we’ll check if we can support it!

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