Light Mode and Office 365, Outlook, and Exchange Email Support

June 30, 2021


Light mode We originally designed Clay with a darker user interface that beautifully emphasizes people — their faces, names, and notes. Now, we bring that same attention to detail to a lighter theme for Clay that looks equally gorgeous across desktop, web, and iOS. Every icon has been carefully remastered for light mode, every line of text recalibrated for readability. And this is just the start — we’ll have several other themes coming in the next few releases. We can’t wait for you to try them.

Office 365, Outlook, and Exchange email support For Clay members who use Microsoft accounts for calendar, you can now connect your email account as well.


  • Prompt before leaving with unsaved changes on desktop
  • CMD+enter to save forms on desktop
  • Save lists on enter on desktop

🛠 Fixes

  • Fixed issue with blank birthdays
  • Properly display whitespace in bio field
  • Fixed issue with duplicate / blank groups being created on web