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Search Queries<h1 id="example-searches">Example Searches</h1> <p>Our search engine is so intuitive that you can likely find exactly what you’re looking, without the need for specific keywords or formulas, so you really can’t go wrong!</p> <p>Nonetheless, it is useful knowing all the different categories Clay allows you to search across:</p> August 26, 2020
How Search Works<h1 id="how-search-works">How Search Works</h1> <p><strong>What does it search? How does it work?</strong></p> <p><a href="https://library.clay.earth/security-and-privacy" class="uri">https://library.clay.earth/security-and-privacy</a></p> August 26, 2020
Advanced Search<p><nav class="js-toc"></nav></p> <h1 id="advanced-search">Advanced Search</h1> <p>You can combine different search terms in Clay to find the exact right person you need.</p> August 26, 2020