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More FAQs<h1 id="more-faqs"><span class="small-caps">📮</span> More FAQs</h1> <h2 id="onboarding"><strong>Onboarding</strong></h2> <ul> <li><p><strong>What is Sign in with Apple?</strong></p> <p>Our choice of using an Apple login is based in privacy and security considerations. You can quickly login using your Apple <span class="small-caps">ID</span>, though creating an Apple account does not require you to own an Apple device. This credential is only used to log into Clay- think of it like an email and password, but more secure.</p> <p>If you’re on an Apple device (iOS), Sign In with Apple is seamless because it signs you in with the Apple <span class="small-caps">ID</span> which is already on your phone. Right after this step, you can you will be logged into your Clay account and can connect as many integrated accounts as you want (including email, calendar and Twitter accounts).</p></li> <li><p><strong>How do I see a full list of people in Clay?</strong></p> <p><img src="https://blot.im/cdn/blog_4f7ae14c7e98469f84d41c80dc34db99/_image_cache/d31f3b26-1930-4e16-b91a-29d63c54a6c8.png" alt="List of All Contacts" width="372" height="200"></p> <p>In the <strong>Search</strong> bar, type <code>all</code> to display a complete list of contacts.</p></li> </ul> August 26, 2020