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Test title<header id="hero"> <h1> This is an h1 </h1> </header> <h2 id="this-is-an-h2">This is an h2</h2> <p>This is some paragraph text</p> August 26, 2020
Turn On Notifications<h1 id="turn-on-notifications">Turn On Notifications</h1> <p>Notifications are only accessible on iOS for now.</p> <ol type="1"> <li>Go to <code>Account Settings</code></li> <li>Click <code>Pre-Meeting Notifications</code></li> <li>Tapping brings up a <strong>person’s profile</strong> and lets you get up to speed about who you’re meeting</li> <li>You can also set up <strong>notes notifications</strong> by tapping and holding the notification itself <ul> <li>This allows you to quickly take notes during an after-meeting</li> </ul></li> </ol> August 26, 2020
See the Day or Week Ahead<h1 id="see-the-day-or-week-ahead">See the Day or Week Ahead</h1> <p><strong>Keyboard Shortcut:</strong> <code>G then T</code></p> <ol type="1"> <li>The <code>Today</code> pane shows you Recent calendar events you’ve attended.</li> <li>Under <code>Today</code>, you will see any <strong>upcoming events for the day</strong>.</li> <li>If you have events planned for the week, scroll further down and those will be listed too.</li> </ol> August 26, 2020
Learn the Keyboard Shortcuts<h1 id="learn-the-keyboard-shortcuts">Learn the Keyboard Shortcuts</h1> <p><strong>Access the search bar by typing</strong> <code>/</code> anywhere in the app</p> <p><strong>All the keyboard shortcuts are available by typing</strong> <code>?</code> anywhere in the app</p> August 26, 2020
Install the Desktop App<h1 id="install-the-desktop-app">Install the Desktop App</h1> <h2 id="open-the-download-link-for-mac-httpsclay.earthdownloadmac">1. Open the download link for Mac: <a href="https://clay.earth/download/mac" class="uri" target="_blank">https://clay.earth/download/mac</a></h2> <ul> <li>The latest version (1.0.9) should start downloading immediately.</li> </ul> August 26, 2020
Filter Contacts by Keyword<h1 id="filter-contacts-by-keyword">Filter Contacts by Keyword</h1> <h2 id="filtering-contacts-is-easy-and-intuitive">Filtering Contacts is Easy and Intuitive</h2> <p>Use keyword commands exactly as though you were speaking with a friend!</p> August 26, 2020
Browse Explore and Set Some Reminders<h1 id="browse-explore-and-set-some-reminders">Browse Explore and Set Some Reminders</h1> <p><strong>Shortcut for Explore:</strong> <code>G then E</code></p> <p><strong>Shortcut for Reminders:</strong> <code>R</code></p> August 26, 2020
Bring Your Notes from Other Places<h1 id="bring-your-notes-from-other-places">Bring Your Notes from Other Places</h1> <p><strong>Shortcut for Notes:</strong> <code>N</code></p> <h1 id="take-your-first-note">Take Your First Note</h1> August 26, 2020