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Maximizing Meetings with Notes<h1 id="maximizing-meetings-with-notes">Maximizing Meetings with Notes</h1> <p>Maximize meetings by determining whether you should take notes, what you need from them, and your general tendencies.</p> <h1 id="understanding-meeting-context">Understanding Meeting Context</h1> August 26, 2020
Power Searching By Context<h1 id="power-searching-by-context">Power Searching By Context</h1> <p>Clay can be helpful to you in a <a href="./maximizing-meetings-with-notes">variety of contexts</a>. Here are a few examples of how you can search depending on which context you are in:</p> <h1 id="while-traveling">While traveling:</h1> August 26, 2020
Reaching out to People from Clay<h1 id="reaching-out-to-people-from-clay">Reaching out to People from Clay</h1> <p>Reaching out to the people you connect with on Clay can bring new opportunities and help cement the relationships you’ve already cultivated.</p> <h1 id="swipe-on-a-clay-members-cellphone-in-the-today-view">1. Swipe on a Clay member’s cellphone in the Today view</h1> August 26, 2020
What Type of Note to Use<h1 id="what-type-of-note-to-use">What Type of Note to Use</h1> <h1 id="should-you-take-notes">Should You Take Notes?</h1> <ul> <li>Was this a formal meeting or an informal meeting?</li> <li>Did you learn anything noteworthy about the person that you need to remember in the future?</li> <li>Was anything that might help you professionally said?</li> <li>Does the encounter leave you with further questions, inquiries, or action items?</li> <li>Do you need to remember anything in preparation for an upcoming event?</li> </ul> August 26, 2020
Which Accounts to Connect<h1 id="which-accounts-to-connect">Which Accounts to Connect</h1> <p>Connecting more accounts gives a more complete picture of your available contacts, their updates, and relationships that can help you in your goals.</p> <h1 id="email-and-calendar">Email and Calendar</h1> August 26, 2020
Writing Useful Notes<h1 id="writing-useful-notes">Writing Useful Notes</h1> <p>While Clay is not designed as a heavy-duty note-taking app, taking useful notes is a big part of Clay’s mission to be an extension of your brain built and help you remember people in your professional life.</p> <p>For that reason, we don’t advocate for any particular note-taking system but rather <strong>taking clear, concise notes</strong> during or after meetings to help you find anything you need on the fly with our effortless search feature.</p> August 26, 2020
Helping People in My Network<h1 id="helping-people-in-my-network">Helping People in My Network</h1> <p>Just as <a href="./Reaching-out-to-People-from-Clay">reaching out to people from Clay</a> helps you in your personal and professional life, paying it forward to your contacts is equally rewarding.</p> <h1 id="read-explore-to-see-what-people-are-up-to.">1. Read Explore to see what people are up to.</h1> August 26, 2020
Finding a Note or Person Later<h1 id="finding-a-note-or-person-later">Finding a Note or Person Later</h1> <p>Every word in your notes is automatically turned into a search query for you, so you can <a href="../search/search-queries">search for whatever you want</a>. Search by location, organization, education level, follower count, interests, or any little detail that stood out to you and appears anywhere in your notes.</p> <p>If you’ve taken <a href="./what-type-of-note-to-use">notes with useful tags</a>, you can use them to find a specific note or person after an event is over.</p> August 26, 2020