What's new in Clay?

May 12, 2022

Thoughtfulness is the animating drive behind Clay—both what we build and how we build it. Our goal is to craft easy-to-use, delightful software that helps you show care to your people.

With your feedback, we've spent part of the past few weeks improving app performance, navigation, and reliability to ensure your Clay experience remains delightful.

Vastly improved iOS contact card performance Loading contacts on iOS is now ~3-5x faster, making your Clay experience smoother when you're on the go.

Better iOS Contacts import We've improved the iOS contact import experience by increasing how quickly we import contacts as well as adding support for the business name field.

Improved Reconnect experience We’ve updated keyboard shortcuts and added more cadence options to make Reconnect even more intuitive and powerful.

Auto-saving for notes in progress Now, when you hit the plus button in the tab bar or at the lower left, notes will automatically save as you write them just like when you add a note to someone's card.


  • 🖥️ 📱 Added ordinal day of the week options for quarterly and monthly Reconnect cadences (e.g. third Monday)
  • 🖥 Tweaked modal design to be cleaner
  • 🖥️ Adjusted key bindings for closing the Reconnect cadence modal
  • 📱 Improved how follow-ups are deleted in notes
  • 📱 Added new ways to reach out in the contact action
  • 📱 Added a button to remove the LinkedIn connection
  • 🖥️ 📱 Improved our exports for larger accounts

🛠 Fixes

  • 🖥️ Added a fallback to keep the in-app back button working on all views
  • 🖥️ Fixed an issue that was causing the app to crash to merging cards
  • 🖥️ Fixed a bug that was causing the app to crash when using row-level hot keys with no row selected in a list view
  • 📱 Prevented transparent placeholder contact photos from overlapping
  • 📱 Fixed an automatic logout issue
  • 🖥️ Prevented needing to refresh after merging a card to see notes
  • 🖥️ Fixed various bugs regarding modals not working in certain views
  • 🖥 Fixed a bug where associated contact data sometimes wouldn't show in the Notes collection

April 27, 2022


We are simply thrilled to share that Clay has won both the People's Choice and Judge's Choice Webby Awards, in large part due to your voting and your feedback as we’ve built Clay.

With more than 14,000 entries from over 70 countries, and nearly 2 million votes cast by nearly 500,000 people in the Webby People's Voice, this 26th Annual Webby Awards was the biggest in its history.

We are honored to follow in the incredible footsteps of past winners like Dropbox, Evernote, and Airtable. This win will help us continue to build momentum as we add new features and new members to Clay.

We certainly would not be here without you, and we're deeply grateful for your support. We're proud of the product and community we've built these past three years and we recognize that you, our early members, have played a pivotal role in shaping Clay. Accordingly, these awards are yours just as much as they are ours.

Sharing this journey with you means the world to us, and we are excited to continue building a beautiful home for your people. And there's so much more to come.

April 19, 2022


Relationships are fragmented across a vast and varied array of places: emails, calendars, social media, and messaging apps. We're working to build a single, definitive source of truth for everyone you know—a place that empowers you to be more thoughtful. Our release today brings us one step closer to that goal.

Introducing our new Contacts integration for iOS, built to bring more of your friends, family, and colleagues into Clay. We know that your phone contacts are an important part of how our members stay in touch with the people that matter to them—amassed over years and full of key details like birthdays, contact methods, addresses, and notes. That's why we've built a seamless integration that allows you to import your iPhone contacts into Clay, no spreadsheet or manual work involved.

We're rolling this integration out on our iOS app first, with the Mac app integration following shortly. This is one of our most requested features, and we're eager to get it into your hands as soon as possible.

To get started, open the Clay iOS app and go to Settings. Then, scroll down until you reach the "Accounts" section, tap "Add Contacts", and follow the prompts.

Because of the complexity of this integration and the importance of contacts data, we wanted to answer a few important questions:

1. Who will Clay import from my iPhone Contacts? Everyone—Clay will create new cards for people that you haven't interacted with using any of your existing accounts, and will merge contacts automatically when there's a high degree of confidence that the people are the same.

2. What does Clay import from my iPhone Contacts? Clay will import text fields like name, bio, phone numbers, addresses, etc. Information stored in the notes field and profile pictures won't be pulled in quite yet.

3. How will this affect my iPhone Contacts? This integration is read-only, meaning it will update the data inside Clay to match what you have in your contacts, but it will not reflect changes you make in Clay back to your contacts. We take the integrity of your contacts data very seriously, and many other apps have messed up contacts data when trying to edit or overwrite it.

4. Will I need to manually reimport my contacts? No, this integration syncs in the background, meaning you'll always have the most up-to-date information inside Clay—similar to our LinkedIn integration.

April 18, 2022


We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming with a special announcement: Clay has been nominated for a Webby Award from a pool of over 14,000 submissions, following in the footsteps of companies like Dropbox, Evernote, Airtable, Asana, and others.

This recognition is the culmination of 3 years of hard work from our team, as well as the support and feedback of our early members.

To our members, we are deeply thankful! We're honored to share this journey with you, and we are excited to continue building a beautiful product for you. Winning would help us get Clay in front of even more people, so we'd love your help to win the People's Voice award. Please vote here, and share with any other friends of Clay.

We're only a few hundred votes away, and voting only takes a few seconds (make sure you confirm your vote over email!)

If you send us a screenshot of your vote, we'll send you a special Clay surprise and enter you into a giveaway for a limited edition embroidered sweatshirt as a token of our appreciation. If you'd like additional entries to increase your chances of winning, you can help us promote our nomination at the link above as well.

March 28, 2022


Serendipity. It's that warm feeling of running into someone you haven't seen in a while at a coffee shop, or realizing two of your friends should meet each other. It's a magical moment that most often happens in-person. Which is why we spent months rethinking how Clay could amplify and shape the serendipity in your life.

Introducing the all-new Reconnect, a simple and extremely powerful way to be thoughtful with people over time. By default, Clay will remind you about 3 people we think you should reflect on each day. Say hi if you want, read your notes to remember your previous conversation, or just dismiss the reminder if there's nothing to say. Even just getting in the practice of thinking of someone will help build the muscle in your brain associated with strengthening relationships.

If you want to adjust how often someone shows up—maybe you want to be reminded about them every month, or you don't want to be reminded at all—you can adjust their cadence on their profile card or by tapping "H". You can even fine tune how many recommendations you get a day within Settings.


Reconnect intelligently takes into account when you last talked to someone and how close you are to them, so you can easily remember the right person at the right time. And it keeps learning and improving the more you use Clay.

Acting as a a natural extension of your mind, it's a revolutionary way to remember all the relationships in your life. We think you're going to love it.

March 9, 2022


Reminders in notes Many Clay members have told us they use notes as an easy way to remember things to follow up about, or things they need to do for someone. Now, Clay makes it easier than ever to get reminded about all those dates. Just type a date or time period in your note, and Clay will set a reminder automatically and notify you on that date. And this also means that when you get a reminder, you’ll remember why you set it in the first place. Try it with a specific date (“Aug 10” or “8/10”) or a rough range (“next year” or “in a few months”). If you don’t want a reminder, just tap the date or backspace to remove it. Existing reminders have been migrated to this new format, so any one-off reminders you’ve set are now notes that you can edit or remove easily. As always, send us feedback — we’ll continue to refine our date parsing AI over time


Multiple reminders Along the same lines, there are sometimes multiple important dates in the future for a person. You might want to send someone a thank you note next week, but then remember to reach out when they get married in September. Now, since each note can have a reminder, you can take notes about all of those important dates and Clay will remind you when it’s time to say hi.


  • 📱 Various performance improvements around notes

🛠 Fixes

  • 🖥 Fix an issue with Sign in with Apple where some Clay members would need to sign in twice on Chrome
  • 🖥 Bug where modals for contact actions (merge/add to group) would not open if a user were to navigate up in a list of search results and used a hotkey or cmd-k to open

February 18, 2022


Addresses and Locations Many Clay members use Clay to remember where their closest people live. Maybe you’re traveling to a new city and want to catch up with former coworkers. Or you just received a letter from a friend and want to remember their address to send a gift. With people moving around more often during the pandemic, that’s almost impossible to do. Now, Clay fully supports addresses, and displays them with a beautiful, custom-designed map in the bottom of each profile. And Clay shows the current time at that place, perfect for traveling or people you know internationally — no more time zone converting. To add or edit an address, go to Edit Profile and scroll down to Locations. Importantly, this works even if you don’t have a full address for someone. Clay will continue to use locations from other social networks you connect, so you don’t need to add location data yourself. And Clay works behind the scenes to standardize locations, so searching for “nyc” returns people in Brooklyn too, and searching for “France” shows people in Paris even if France isn’t mentioned. It’s magic — and we can’t wait for you to try it.


Multiple reminders Along the same lines, there are sometimes multiple important dates in the future for a person. You might want to send someone a thank you note next week, but then remember to reach out when they get married in September. Now, since each note can have a reminder, you can take notes about all of those important dates and Clay will remind you when it’s time to say hi.

Scan notes on iOS with Live Text We’ve added a dedicated button to the notes experience on iOS, so you can now scan your notes into Clay with one tap. And because both Related People and Reminders are a part of notes, those will automatically be recognized and populated.


  • 🖥 New login flow for Mac app that opens in your default browser so login is more secure. As a result, Touch ID works to login when your default browser is Safari (thanks Patrick K. for the feedback on this)
  • 🖥 Switch to a modal view when adding a new person or a new note (if not on a profile view) so that user maintains more context
  • 🖥 Group detail view UX improvements
  • 📱 Group UX improvements, particularly when adding or editing a group
  • 📱 Allow Outlook email accounts to be added on iOS
  • 🖥📱 Tweak LinkedIn sync time to be more frequent on desktop and less frequent on iOS
  • 🖥 Allow user to escape from group edit mode with single tap of “esc” if nothing has changed
  • 📱 Made Home settings more consistent with Mac/Web

🛠 Fixes

  • 🖥 Handle long group names in group detail view on desktop
  • 🖥 Lots of fixes for desktop performance when dealing with deleted contacts
  • 🖥 Fix display bug with stats on Explore view
  • 🖥 Issues with star icon display
  • 🖥 Display correct label for Star icon in cmd-k modal options
  • 📱 Fix an issue displaying all connected accounts
  • 📱 Fixes an issue preventing some users from using 2FA when connecting accounts
  • 📱 Fixes an issue with the app crashing when signing out
  • 📱 Fixes an issue preventing some changes to the Home settings
  • 📱 Fixed some padding inconsistencies in the settings view

January 10, 2020


Year in Review As your new year begins, take a moment to reflect and celebrate all the relationships you’ve cared for and built in 2021. We used your communication style to create a personalized “communication aura” just for you.


December 21, 2021


Automatic LinkedIn Syncing Many Clay members love our first-of-its-kind LinkedIn integration, but wish it pulled in new connections automatically. Now, it does! The next time you do a LinkedIn import, Clay will automatically sync new connections daily moving forward on desktop.

Swipe actions on iOS The Home view on iOS now has consistent actions to your Home view on Mac and web. Swipe to the right to star someone, or swipe to the left to take a note, set a reminder, or mark as done.

New Collections view on iOS We’ve introduced a new Reminders screen across Desktop, Web, and iOS so you can quickly see upcoming and past reminders you’ve set on people. And we’ve brought our Notes view to iOS so you can quickly view or edit a previous note.

Monthly email invoices Many Clay members expense their Clay membership — if you’d like an invoice emailed to you monthly, email us at team@clay.earth and we’ll set that up for you.

New Profile, Settings, and Help navigation We’ve simplified the profile, Settings, keyboard shortcuts, email and chat support, and more into a beautiful icon in the top right of Clay on both iOS and Desktop. We’ve named our new friend Udo—a shortened version of “Udongo”, which is the word for Clay in Swahili.


  • 🖥 Switch to using pointer cursor for interactive elements only in the web app. Desktop now uses default cursor for interactive elements, with the expectation that interactive elements should have a hover state.
  • 🖥 Adjusted layout of navigation
  • 🖥 Added a star animation when starring/unstarring a contact
  • 🖥 Switched to a single left alignment for main content container and main header area
  • 🖥 Removed blurred headers from sidebar views
  • 🖥 Removed a dangling connector that would appear when a single Moment was shown in the sidebar contact preview
  • 🖥 Back buttons now only appear on child views
  • 🖥 Throttled note saving success alerts to once every 45 seconds (at most)
  • 🖥 Checkable lists in our note text editor now use our primary checkbox styles
  • 📱 Updated various UI icons

🛠 Fixes

  • 📱 Layout and performance fixes for the note view
  • 📱 Improved the layout for group cells
  • 📱 Fixed a crash when editing a contact
  • 🖥 Fixed background blurs not being applied in some areas
  • 🖥 Fixed issue with group header underline appearing on top of dropdown menu
  • 🖥 Updated “add to group” keyboard shortcut (‘h’ -> ‘L’)
  • 🖥 Starred status properly updating on rendered contacts on hotkey and/or star icon click
  • 🖥 Fixed keyboard shortcut copy (‘Add Peopl to Group’ -> ‘Add People to Group’)
  • 🖥 Fixed bug where selecting a contact in a nested list (e.g. contacts in an event preview in the inbox view) could appear to select 2 contacts. Only single contact is now selected at any one time, and we use the selection state rather than row :hover pseudoclass to apply styles.
  • 🖥 Checkable lists in our note text editor now properly wrap when the text exceeds one line.
  • 🖥 Note text editor now properly receives focus when switching from a read-only to an editable state.
  • 🖥 Esc button hotkey on “Add Note” view now only moves location back one route rather than (sometimes) two.
  • 🖥 Mentions now work in note text editors regardless of the editor’s starting state.

November 23, 2021


Starred Many Clay members have asked for an easy way to modify who shows up as close, closer, and closest. Now, those three groups (and everyone who was in them) are combined into a new Starred group, right at the top of your list of groups.

Anywhere you see someone in Clay, you can easily star or unstar them quickly. Clay assumes Starred people are important—they’re who you want to get closer to, or stay close with. So features we’ll be introducing in the next few weeks, like recurring reminders, will rely on Starred and other groups to decide who to show you, and how often they show up.

Open in Superhuman You can now open email threads from your Moments natively in Superhuman. Tapping on an email thread or subject line will open the associated thread in Superhuman so you can respond or get context.


Consistent keyboard shortcuts and home actions Clay’s keyboard shortcuts are now much more consistent across the application, and more consistent with other applications and MacOS conventions.

Star someone with S

Take a new note by tapping N

Add someone to a group by tapping L

Set a reminder with H

Mark done in Home with E

Switch views with G then I/E/N/H for Home/Explore/Notes/Reminders

The list of actions you can take from the Home view is now more complete, and you can navigate to everything on the right sidebar with a keyboard shortcut.


Reminders and Notes screens We’ve introduced a new
screen across Mac, Web, and iOS so you can quickly see upcoming and past reminders you’ve set on people. And we’ve brought our Notes view to iOS so you can quickly view or edit a previous note.

Select multiple people in Groups Another frequently-requested idea from Clay members, you can now select multiple people in a group, so it’s easier than ever to remove multiple people at once or copy their email addresses quickly.

Recent searches The Clay search page now shows recent searches, so you can quickly jump to a search term you searched for previously.

✨ Improvements

  • 📱 Updated minimum iOS version to 14.0
  • 🖥 Allow  P and  Nto move up / down in Home view
  • 🖥 Remove transparency on profile pictures in Home view when in light mode
  • 📱 Improved design of the
    screen when adding a note or contact
  • 🖥 📱 Improved LinkedIn import for accounts with large connection counts
  • 🖥 Improved navigation when onboarding

🛠 Fixes

  • 🖥 Fixed issue where some users needed to log in twice with Sign in with Apple

October 21, 2021


Live Text Many Clay members pull in notes from notebooks, business cards, and post-it notes. Now, you can add those notes into Clay with Live Text.

Simply tap the notes field, select “Scan Text”, and you’ll be able to scan contact information from a business card or the notes from your last meeting, quickly and easily. And it even works with Markdown formatting and Related People, so you can write out bulleted notes or @ mention people in your handwritten notes that transfer seamlessly to Clay.

Copy email addresses in Groups You can now copy all the email addresses from a group, so you can quickly reach out or export them. Simply press
More Options
More Options
in the top right of a group and select 
Copy Email Addresses
Copy Email Addresses

Profile sidebar in search When searching on web and Mac, you can now preview someone’s profile as you scroll. It’s a fast and easy way to remember who they are, without clicking into their profile fully.

Today is now
We have a number of exciting improvements coming over the next few weeks, and we’re making way for them by doing some spring fall cleaning.

When we started Clay with just a calendar integration, Today view showed who you were going to meet that day. As we’ve grown, that list as expanded into people you set reminders for, people you’ve emailed, and more. So now Today view is simply Home, and we’ll be rolling out some more improvements to make that view even more useful.

Speed improvements… everywhere Our iOS app now loads 4-5x faster in most cases, and loading times for
should be about 10x faster after data is loaded.

iOS 15 support Along with Live Text, we’ve optimized Clay for iOS 15 and made various performance improvements to take advantage of the latest hardware and operating system.

✨ Improvements

  • 📱 More improvements to
    iCloud Calendar
  • 🖥 Improved login page on desktop to make Sign in with Apple more differentiated from delegated access login
  • 🖥 Improved Markdown link formatting
  • 📱 Improved modal view management in the settings view
  • 📱 Improved deleting and merging profiles

🛠 Fixes

  • 📱 Various fixes for iOS 15
  • 🖥 Fixed bug where dismissed rows in Today view would reappear
  • 🖥 Fixed bug where Related People wouldn’t appear correctly in notes
  • 🖥 Fixed bug where tapping on a broken related person link in notes would show a blank screen
  • 🖥 Fixed bug where tapping on a text message Moment would open a blank Clay window
  • 📱 Fixed animation in Home view

September 23, 2021


Select multiple people with bulk actions in search We’ve talked to many of you who love adding people to groups, but that process can take a bit of time depending on how many people you’re adding. And we wanted to simplify the process of merging or removing people when Clay can’t do it automatically.


Now, you can select multiple people in search—use your mouse, or tap x or space to select a single person. SHIFT + Arrow Up/Down to select multiple in a row. Want to select everyone in a search? CMD+A, or the select all checkbox in the top right. And Escape once to deselect all, and twice to go back to your search.

Once you select multiple people, you can add everyone to a group, merge, or remove them. And we’re introducing a new action, Copy Email Addresses, that makes it easy to email everyone at once. It’s fast, easy, and—dare we say, fun?

We’ll be adding multiselect to more places in Clay (like groups!) but we wanted to get this out ASAP for you to use. Let us know what you think!


  • 📱 iCloud Calendar sync is now multithreaded, so it will sync faster and more reliably
  • 🖥 Improved performance when scrolling long search result pages
  • 🖥 Remove deleted/merged contacts immediately, to avoid confusion when those contacts stayed in the search view for a few seconds
  • 🖥 New loading screen and animation when opening app
  • 🖥 Display all available integrations, even if they’re only available on another platform

🛠 Fixes

  • 📱 Various fixes for iOS 15
  • 🖥 Fix bug when trying to remove someone with delegated access
  • 🖥 Allow empty sections when editing a profile (e.g. errors when removing all of someone’s websites)
  • 🖥 Various rendering issues in Safari
  • 🖥 Fix bug with Markdown rendering conflicting with Related People in a note

September 15, 2021


iCloud Calendar support If you use iCloud Calendar, you can now add your calendar on iOS and Clay will automatically create profiles for the people you’ve met with, just like we do from Google Calendar.

Annual subscriptions Thanks to popular demand, we’re excited to announce a new annual subscription plan! Paying annually helps Clay remain sustainable and shows your long-term support for our mission to help people be more thoughtful. And as a show of appreciation, annual pricing is 50% off a monthly subscription — $120 a year. You can change your plan in Settings > Manage My Subscription > Update Plan. As always, thank you.

Import LinkedIn on desktop Our LinkedIn integration is one of our most popular, but we built it initially on iOS. Now, you can connect your LinkedIn account on the Clay Mac app, even without our iOS app installed.

Add people manually via LinkedIn Sometimes you want to add someone to Clay manually, but only have their LinkedIn profile. Now you can add someone via LinkedIn URL, so it’s easier than ever to add someone manually.

New help and feedback menu on iOS We introduced a new screen on iOS to make it easier to send us bugs and feedback. Simply tap the chat button in the top right to chat with the team, send a bug report, or browse our documentation.


  • Make note optional when creating a new contact on desktop
  • Clarify the “New Person” view and what information to enter (more to come here!)
  • Properly align bullets in sidebar contact moments
  • Improved speed on multiple screens, particularly long pages and the Today view
  • More accurate “sources” information / sentences that are now consistent between iOS and Desktop
  • When adding a contact manually, we now redirect to the profile page
  • Refresh Today and Explore when reopening Clay on desktop / web after it was backgrounded
  • Add favicon for web (finally!)
  • Hide Moments in a user’s own profile view
  • Display year in news feed items if the article is from a year other than the current one

🛠 Fixes

  • Fixed swipe view on iOS to prevent “sticking” to the side
  • Fixed swipe haptics firing when there isn’t an action to take
  • Fixed an issue with the search blur header on smaller iOS devices
  • Added Moments on iOS for contacts created via iMessage on Desktop
  • Remove rendering artifacts from badge icons that were visible in Light Mode
  • Fixed social icons not rendering from aggressive Ad Block settings
  • Fixed error with hashtags and mentions in notes
  • Fixed bug in onboarding booklet on desktop for smaller accounts
  • Fixed bug when displaying notes that were previously deleted on a different device
  • Fixed bug that would create empty groups when visiting a group that had previously been deleted
  • When contact profile is empty, clicking on action buttons in the profile view now works as expected
  • Fixed bug in Safari that would cause blank duplicate groups to be created
  • Fixed bug in iOS 15 that would cause app to crash when editing birthdays
  • Fixed rendering error in new note view on Mac

August 16, 2021

iMessage IntegrationMany Clay members use iMessage to communicate with close colleagues and friends. iMessage is where new people become professional acquaintances, and professional acquaintances become personal friends.

Today, we’re excited to debut a magical, first-of-its-kind iMessage integration that adds the most important people in your life to Clay.

Because of the complexity of this integration, we’re releasing it as a technical preview first so you can provide feedback. A few important questions to answer:

1. How do I get started?

Download Clay for Mac, or quit and reopen it if it’s already installed. Then go to Settings > Add iMessage, and follow the onscreen instructions. You’ll be prompted to allow access to Contacts, enable full disk access, and then your contacts will sync within a few seconds.

2. Who will Clay import from my iMessage?

Everyone, mostly. Clay excludes non-people like shortcodes, and merges with existing people where there’s high confidence that people are the same. As with other integrations, more relevant people will be surfaced more often in Clay so you shouldn’t need to remove people even if you haven’t talked to them in a while. Lastly, Clay will enrich phone numbers where possible, will use the name from your contacts if none is found, and will show just the phone number otherwise.

3. Does Clay import the content of my messages?

Emphatically, no. We’ve added our iMessage integration to our comprehensive privacy and security policy so you can get the full details, but Clay specifically never reads or uploads the contents of messages.

4. Why is this integration only available on Clay’s Mac app?

Apple unfortunately doesn’t offer an API or SDK for iMessage, so the simplest and most secure way for us to offer this integration is on a Mac.

5. Why does Clay ask for full disk access?

One of our core philosophies with any integration is to ask for the minimum number of permissions or information necessary to make the experience magical. Recent versions of MacOS restrict access to iMessage data, so the only way for Clay to integrate with iMessage is to have full disk access — there’s no more restrictive access we can ask for, but if this ever changes we’ll modify the integration accordingly.

6. Will this negatively affect my iMessage? Will Clay send messages on my behalf?

No, and no. The integration is read-only, so it can’t affect your iMessage at all. And you can always remove the integration (and/or any data it imported to your account) in Settings.

We can’t wait for you to get started! Send us your feedback over email, or (appropriately) over iMessage.

August 3, 2021

Delegated access Many Clay members have asked us if we can add an executive assistant, chief of staff, or someone else who they trust to their account. Now, you can do so yourself in Settings — simply enter someone’s email address and that person will receive a short-lived magic link to log in. You can revoke access at any time and the person will be automatically logged out.


  • Allow note text selection when in read-only mode
  • Warn if there are unsaved changes before leaving an edited contact profile or group
  • Save lists on enter on desktop
  • Rescore contacts after a merge so they’re properly ranked in search

🛠 Fixes

  • Fixed issue that prevented profile images from LinkedIn from appearing correctly
  • Fixed error when trying to paste an empty clipboard into the text editor
  • Fixed issue with gradients in newer browsers
  • Fixed a type error that was causing part of the group header to not render
  • Correctly themed the “add source” input that was missed when adding Light Mode

June 30, 2021


Light mode We originally designed Clay with a darker user interface that beautifully emphasizes people — their faces, names, and notes. Now, we bring that same attention to detail to a lighter theme for Clay that looks equally gorgeous across desktop, web, and iOS. Every icon has been carefully remastered for light mode, every line of text recalibrated for readability. And this is just the start — we’ll have several other themes coming in the next few releases. We can’t wait for you to try them.

Office 365, Outlook, and Exchange email support For Clay members who use Microsoft accounts for calendar, you can now connect your email account as well.


  • Prompt before leaving with unsaved changes on desktop
  • CMD+enter to save forms on desktop
  • Save lists on enter on desktop

🛠 Fixes

  • Fixed issue with blank birthdays
  • Properly display whitespace in bio field
  • Fixed issue with duplicate / blank groups being created on web



Related people in notes When taking notes, you often need to mention other people: who you were introduced by, friends in common, colleagues who came up in conversation. Now, you can mention another person in notes to form relationships between different people in Clay. Simply type @ and then the name of the person, and you’ll see that person show up under the new “Related People” section. And since relationships are bidirectional, each person will show up under the other’s “Related People”.


Birthday reminders Another frequently-requested feature, you can now add birthdays to someone’s profile. The person will show up in the Explore view on their birthday, and you’ll even get a push notification if you have them turned on.

Command bar in search You can now use the command bar while searching, so taking notes, adding to groups, editing, and more common actions are faster than ever.

Change your preferred email If you want to receive these update emails or the daily and weekly briefs at a different email address than the one we chose, you can now change that in Settings.

Faster group editing You can now add and remove people from groups on desktop without an explicit save step, so the grouping experience is more streamlined than ever.


  • Added a quarterly option to Reminders
  • Improved desktop app speed and responsiveness
  • Improved speed to process updates from Twitter
  • Better handling of Twitter errors
  • New waitlist and onboarding flow for new members
  • Show line breaks and whitespace in bio field
  • Ability to tab through interface on desktop
  • Ability to use escape key to exit out of new person view

🛠 Fixes

  • Fixed copy+paste on desktop when text contained line breaks
  • Fixed a crash when editing contacts on iOS
  • Fixed an issue with Sign in with Apple on iOS
  • Fixed display of welcome email styling in Superhuman and Hey
  • Fixed bug that would cause search to be unresponsive on desktop
  • Reversed j and k keys when navigating the Today view

April 22, 2021

Adding and removing contact info You can now add and remove contact information like email addresses, phone numbers, and more, directly to a profile.

Adding profile images On desktop, web, and iOS, you can now add a profile image for your own profile and anyone else you have in Clay.

Adding or changing a LinkedIn If information is missing or incorrect on someone’s profile, it’s likely due to a missing or incorrect LinkedIn URL. If you add a LinkedIn URL to a profile that doesn’t have one, Clay will populate information based off it. And if you change a LinkedIn URL that we got wrong, we’ll update it with the new information.

Clearing a profile If Clay pulled incorrect information on someone, you can now clear a profile in one tap so you can start fresh and enter the correct details.

Desktop performance Using Clay on desktop and web is now 2-5x faster on various common screens, and more reliable when saving notes or updating information.

Reorganized edit view And finally, all the profile fields are now helpfully organized into a few sections that make it easier than ever to change something quickly.


  • Better keyboard navigation in inbox view on desktop
  • Faster updating of contacts after changes on iOS and desktop
  • Confirm any unsaved changes before dismissing on iOS
  • Better error states and alert messages on desktop
  • Smoother animations on desktop
  • Various fixes for Safari

🛠 Fixes

  • Many (many) improvements to new account import speed and reliability
  • Allow creating new people on iOS without a note
  • Fixed an issue where search results appeared out of order on web/desktop (most often for international users)
  • Fixed a crash when editing a contact from an event group
  • Fixed the contact view not presenting views or alerts in some scenarios
  • Fixed issue that would lead to duplicate notes when refreshing a page immediately after saving a note

March 19, 2021


iOS Widgets Beautiful new Clay widgets let you organize and personalize your iOS home screen. Customize your widgets, choose from three different sizes, and arrange them any way you like — Clay widgets let you see the newest and most important people in your life, without ever opening Clay.


Daily Brief Clay’s weekly digest is a summary of the people in your life and their major updates — news articles, job changes, moving cities. Now, you can receive a curated summary of the people you’re meeting each day, sent first thing in the morning. See their latest tweets, news articles, and your last meeting with them so you’re prepared for the day. Disabled by default, the daily brief can be enabled in Settings under “Notifications”.

Improved person data Clay now has improved education, employment, and location data on over 10 million people. You’ll see those improvements reflected on profiles immediately


  • Improved search tab design on iOS
  • Allow saving a group with just a title
  • Add swipe from left to go back a screen on profile tab in iOS

🛠 Fixes

  • Remove duplicate news stories from Explore feed
  • Fixed bug that accidentally hid some items from Explore that should have been displayed
  • Fixed bug related to unsubscribing from weekly digest emails

January 29, 2021


Groups Every Clay member keeps in touch with different groups of friends and colleagues: former co-workers, friends from college, people to see in a new city. Now, you can create groups of people within Clay to better organize the people in your life. Groups show up in the sidebar on web or desktop, and on the new profile page on iOS. Groups are private to you, and we’ll be adding the ability to share groups and set reminders per-group soon.

Archive Accounts If you’re changing jobs and want to keep your contacts and moments in Clay, you can now archive a connected email or calendar account to remove it. Archiving keeps all your data from that account but stops syncing moving forward, while deleting an account will remove any contacts or moments created via that account.


Support for M1 Powered Macs Clay is now optimized for M1-powered Macs, meaning search, keyboard shortcuts, and animations are even faster and more responsive. If you have a new Macbook Air, Pro, or Mac Mini, you can download it here.


  • Subscription receipts now open correctly
  • Improved speed and reliability of LinkedIn imports

🛠 Fixes

  • “Updating” banners now only show up once
  • Various fixes for contacts with empty or incomplete education, employment, or website fields

January 14, 2021


LinkedIn Many Clay members have professional connections on LinkedIn, but using LinkedIn is less than enjoyable to say the least. Now, you can import your LinkedIn connections so you can take notes, set reminders, and search in Clay alongside everyone else you know.

A few details:

  • Clay’s search ranks people according to relevance, so you don’t need to worry if you’ve connected with a bunch of people on LinkedIn whom you don’t actually know — they’ll just appear lower in search, unless they’re a good match for your search terms.
  • Clay will deduplicate contacts where possible, so if you’ve connected with someone on LinkedIn who you’ve also met, they’ll only show up once.
  • To protect your privacy, this LinkedIn integration is only available on the iOS app for now, and requires that you keep the app open until the import is completed (usually a few minutes, depending on how many connections you have).
  • Clay never has access to your LinkedIn credentials during this process, and doesn’t do anything on your behalf except pull your list of connections. All processing happens on your device.
  • Unlike Clay’s email, calendar, and Twitter integrations, LinkedIn is a one-time import — so you’ll need to redo the process to pull in new connections.


  • Improved search scrolling performance on iOS
  • Improved speed and reliability of batch data jobs like importing accounts

🛠 Fixes

  • Fixed sorting of Today view
  • Re-enabled spellcheck when taking notes on desktop and web

December 3, 2020


Brand-new Today View As we’ve brought on new members and added new integrations, it was clear that the Today view should represent all your relationships for a given day—from calendar, email, Twitter—and make it easier for you to be thoughtful with those people by taking notes, setting reminders, and more.

We’re thrilled to present the new Today view—a more beautiful and simple way to remember the people you see each day. You’ll now see people you’re meeting today, in addition to new people brought into Clay from your email. Reminders you’ve set now show up in Today as well. On any person, you can swipe left to mark them as done, or swipe right to review them—take a note, set a reminder, and more to come. And if you want to clear the Today view all at once, tap the double checkmark button in the top right.

Additionally, you can customize which people appear in Settings. You can filter out recurring meetings or people you’re closest with, so you see as many or as few people as you want.

This reimagining of Today is the next step of presenting the right person to you at the right time, and making it as easy as possible to be thoughtful with them.


  • Improved pagination and loading of Explore view
  • Improved processing speed of new user accounts
  • Mac app now saves window size
  • iOS Spotlight search results now display avatars

🛠 Fixes

  • Better handling of Google errors for users with large Gmail accounts
  • Fixed speech to text indicator for voice notes
  • Fixed notifications for users with new phones restored via backup
  • Fixed compose note view to allow saving just a reminder, without a note
  • Fixed unsubscribe link in weekly digest email

October 8, 2020


Markdown notes You can now format your notes however you want using standard markdown—we initially support headings, bulleted lists, numbered lists, and bold/italics. We’ll add buttons and a few more exciting features here next, but we wanted to share it with you as soon as possible!

Data quality and accuracy We’ve backfilled hundreds of thousands of profiles with employment and education coverage in the past week, and will continue to improve our data coverage and accuracy.

iOS Spotlight search As you view and search people in Clay, those shared results will be made available when you search natively on your phone.


Siri Suggestions Siri now learns your routines and will suggest actions that you might want to do in Clay. This functionality is controlled by iOS, and will enable Siri to provide you with shortcuts for things you do often, or at a particular time of day.


Add and remove sections You can now add and remove employment, education, websites, and locations across all profiles on iOS, web, and desktop.


  • Faster overall performance (especially with animations) on iOS 14
  • Tapping note timestamps on desktop shows both created and modified times
  • Setting reminders with custom dates using plain English works in desktop (including with times!)

🛠 Fixes

  • A lot (a lot) of iOS 14 fixes
  • Better feedback after editing profiles on iOS and web
  • Request Zapier key on desktop now works
  • Arrow up and down to scroll on Explore and Contact pages
  • Keyboard shortcut “n” for new note now makes the note field active so you can start typing immediately
  • Better feedback after editing profiles on iOS and web

August 20, 2020

Instant edits You can now edit information about people and see your changes immediately. Clay will still work behind the scenes to verify and ensure that we keep improving the quality of information

Autosaving notes Losing unsaved work is never a great feeling—which is why we’re introducing automatic saving to our desktop experience. We’ve got you covered: your most important thoughts are always safe and secure. (Thanks to Andrew P., John E., and many others for suggesting.)


  • Improved news coverage for thousands of contacts
  • Remove duplicate news articles from syndicated news sources
  • Better empty states for onboarding booklet

🛠 Fixes

  • Tapping note notifications now correctly opens the right screen
  • Request Zapier key on desktop now works

July 7, 2020


Clay Desktop Take notes, add people, and browse Explore from your desktop with Clay for Mac. Plus, navigate quickly via the command bar by typing  K or view all keyboard shortcuts by typing ?

Clay Web If you’re on Windows or want to use Clay in your browser, just visit web.clay.earth

🛠 Fixes

  • Fix for Okta login (thanks Vipin C.)

June 23, 2020

Reconnect When Clay finds someone you might want to chat with again, you’ll see them in the new Reconnect section at the top of the Explore view. Tap on the person to view their profile, swipe them away to dismiss, and tap and hold to set a reminder or mute the person if you don’t want to be shown their profile again. We’ll refine these recommendations over time based on this feedback.


Live moments When someone in Clay with a Twitter profile changes their bio, location, or website, you’ll see those changes in your feed, along with what was removed or added. You’ll be able to reach out at the perfect moment.


News about your network Clay monitors thousands of online publications and curates mentions of people you know in the news. These articles now appear in your feed, alongside the person mentioned so you can effortlessly take a note or reach out.


Weekly highlight Each week, you’ll see a helpful summary of all the events you attended, people you met, and notes you wrote.


New members When someone you know joins Clay, you’ll see them in the Explore view as well.

Superhuman support You can now compose emails to people in Superhuman.


  • You’ll now receive a notification in the iOS app if there is a major update available on TestFlight
  • New contacts and notes are saved 2x faster
  • Better delivery of push notifications - more to come here!

🛠 Fixes

  • Fix for login not working in certain cases

May 4, 2020

Reminders After meeting someone, you often want to remember to reach back out in the future. Now, those reminders are only a tap away. Set a time to reach out and you’ll receive a push notification reminder


Enhanced Group Meetings Clay’s Today view is an easy way to get up to speed on who you’re meeting, but large group meetings can often take up the whole screen. Now, group meetings are condensed into one line item that expands into participants (thanks Dan S., Jason B., and many others for suggesting )


Redesigned Search Context Search results now feature a new design language to get you the right information at-a-glance, including context on how you know a person best. For example—if you’ve met someone in the past, you’ll see a calendar icon next to their name. If you only follow them on Twitter, you’ll see a Twitter icon.


Outlook and Exchange Calendars Our friends who use Outlook and Exchange can now use Clay—simply tap “Add Calendar” in Settings.

Better Date Search In addition to terms like “recent” or “a while ago”, you can now search for terms like “last week”, “last month”, and “last quarter”.


  • Card animations are now 3x faster and smoother
  • Improved detection of first names
  • Improved delivery of notifications (thanks Sid J.)
  • Improved location search

🛠 Fixes

  • Fix for new Google Calendars not adding correctly in-app (thanks Julian L.)
  • Remove whitespace from before / after names
  • Fixed an occasional crash when signing out

April 9, 2020

New tab bar We have lots of new improvements coming in the next few weeks — to set the stage for those, there’s a beautiful new tab bar that puts all the most important Clay actions within easy reach


View my profile You can now preview your own Clay profile. Simply tap “View my profile” in Settings to quickly see your own Clay profile card

Easier copying To copy text from a profile card, just press and hold on the field for a second and you’ll see a notification that your text is ready to paste

Clay user badge You’ll now see an indication that someone is a Clay member on their profile. You can also search for Clay members in your network - just type “Clay members”. (If someone isn’t a Clay user and you think they should be, let us know and we’ll get them set up!)

Advanced search You can now search using a few advanced search tricks you might be familiar with from Google: quotes around a phrase will look for that phrase specifically, and a minus sign in front of a word or phrase will exclude records containing it. For example, “non-profit boards” will search for that exact phrase in your profiles and notes, while reporters -NYT will search for reporters who don’t work at the New York Times


  • You can now search using advanced search syntax: quotes around a phrase will look for that phrase specifically, and - in front of a word or phrase will exclude records containing it
  • Speed, reliability, and offline support improvements for notes
  • Re-adding a deleted contact re-adds their relationship history

🛠 Fixes

  • Authentication errors with new Twitter and calendar accounts (thanks Perry H.)
  • Hiding people on the homepage didn’t remove them automatically (thanks Andrew P.)
  • Tapping + on homepage on some iOS devices wouldn’t trigger new note screen (thanks Zach D. and Manan K.)
  • Better detection of meetings that are calls vs. in-person
  • Fixed an issue where notes wouldn’t display immediately after saving
  • Fixed an issue where line breaks wouldn’t insert correctly midway through a note

March 16, 2020

Flag incorrect or incomplete profiles Clay automatically manages duplicates, but occasionally we don’t have correct or up-to-date profile information. We added shortcuts for four common data issues, all available in one tap by tapping on the “…” menu at the top of each card, or on “Suggest an edit” at the bottom:

  • Wrong person: the information we pulled is incorrect for the contact info provided
  • Duplicate person: this person should be merged with one of your other contacts
  • Not a person: this contact isn’t a person — think meeting-room-1@company.com or a Twitter account like @NYTimes
  • Needs more info: a fairly empty profile, or one missing a photo / name / etc.

Suggest edits If you have more specific edits, tap on “Edit other details” to change a contact’s info. We’ll review and verify any information you submit before it gets reflected in that persons profile


Edit your profile Just like you can suggest edits to other contacts, tap “Edit profile” in Settings to change what other Clay members see about you


🛠 Fixes

  • Settings screen is less sensitive to taps while scrolling
  • Editing a note and then creating a new one no longer overwrites notes — thanks Andrew P.
  • Long contact cards word-wrap correctly now

March 5, 2020

Search your Twitter network Relationships live in many places, including social networks like Twitter. Connect your Twitter account in the Settings screen to search your Twitter network by followers, following, and their follower counts, in addition to all the other fields in Clay like location, education history, and work history where available. Some examples:


Export your data You can now request a CSV export of your Clay contacts and notes from the Settings screen

Choose your preferred email app When emailing someone from Clay, you can now select your preferred email client — thanks Andrew P. for the suggestion!


  • You’ll now only receive pre-meeting notifications when contacts have reasonably populated profiles — thanks Dan S. for the suggestion!
  • Hundreds more education + work histories added
  • Hundreds of duplicate contacts / emails merged
  • Improved network monitoring when offline — thanks Ben D. for the suggestion!
  • Smoother launch screen and card animations

🛠 Fixes

  • Don’t send notifications for all-day events
  • When adding a contact manually, homepage now waits until contact is successfully created to show the new contact
  • Hundreds of duplicate contacts / emails merged
  • Fixed tapping of pills on the contact card
  • Fixed bug where keyboard would disappear in notes view
  • Search rows are now the same size

February 10, 2020

Full work and education history Clay used to show someone’s current job and an abbreviated view of their education, but that’s not enough when you’re searching or trying to learn about someone before a meeting. Now, most contacts who have LinkedIn profiles listed on their profile should have full work and education history as well, which you can browse or search on:


Faster and more complete search Search is now more than twice as fast, search highlighting is more accurate, and you’re no longer limited to 50 search results — just keep scrolling to view all of them

January 21, 2020

Swipe to email Whether you’re early to a meeting or want to say thank you afterwards, Clay is the fastest way to email someone and take notes. Swipe right on someone’s name to send them an email quickly, and swipe left to take a note


Search by time period You can now search using time-based phrases like “I’ve met recently” or “I haven’t seen in a while” — for example, “people in SF I haven’t seen in a while”


January 2, 2020

Take notes directly on your lock screen Tap and hold a notification during and after a meeting to take notes. Clay is the fastest way to save your thoughts and followups without distracting from your meeting


Quick notes Swipe left on someone on the homescreen to take notes


Pre-meeting briefs We’ve crafted a helpful reminder to get you up to speed for your next meeting—this includes any previous notes and links to all social profiles


What’s improved

  • Clay’s home screen now shows even more information about your meetings, including the type of meeting, number of attendees, and whether it’s recurring.


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