Create contacts for your Twitter mutuals and receive updates when they edit their bio.

Connecting to Twitter

  1. Go to 
    Personal Info
    Personal Info
     on Mac, Web, or iOS
  2. Under Accounts, tap Add Twitter
  3. Follow the Twitter connect account flow

What Clay Does

  • Clay automatically creates contacts for mutual follows on Twitter. Even if you have a large following, this likely won’t be too many people.
  • Clay shows you when your Twitter contacts update their bio, location, or website. Feed updates appear in the Explore.

What Clay Doesn’t Do

  • Clay doesn’t store your Twitter credentials, like your password. Twitter only provides a token that Clay uses to pull your followers and who you follow. We never have access to your Twitter password.
  • Clay can’t tweet or read your DMs. Literally, can’t. We only request permission for the purposes of creating contacts.

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