iOS Contacts

Your iOS address book, now in Clay.

Clay’s Contacts integration for iOS adds information to existing Clay contacts where possible, and creates new contacts for Apple Contacts when we cannot tie them to an existing Clay contact.

Connecting Contacts on iOS

  1. Go to 
    Personal Info
    Personal Info
     on iOS
  2. Under Accounts, tap Add Contacts
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions; you’ll be prompted to sync connections to Contacts and then your contacts will sync within a few seconds

What Clay Does

Clay imports all known contacts from Contacts. Clay will create new cards for people that you haven't interacted with using any of your existing accounts, and will merge contacts automatically when there's a high degree of confidence that the people are the same.

Clay pulls in select information. Clay will import text fields like name, bio, phone numbers, addresses, etc. Information stored in the notes field and profile pictures isn’t pulled in quite yet.

Clay will continuously reimport your contacts in the background. This means you’ll always have the most up to date information about your people in Clay.

What Clay Doesn’t Do

Clay doesn’t change any data in your Apple Contacts. This integration is read-only, meaning it will update the data inside Clay to match what you have in your contacts, but it will not reflect changes you make in Clay back to your contacts.