The people you interact with on iMessage, all in one place.

Clay’s iMessage connection creates contacts for people you’ve texted and displays messaging-related information on cards.

Connecting to iMessage

  1. Go to 
    Personal Info
    Personal Info
     on Mac
  2. Under Accounts, tap Add iMessage
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions; you’ll be prompted to allow access to Contacts, enable full disk access, and then your contacts will sync within a few seconds

What Clay Does

  • Clay imports all known contacts from iMessage. Clay excludes non-people (like short codes) and merges existing people where there’s high confidence that the people are the same. As with other connections, the more relevant someone is, the more often they'll appear in Clay, so you shouldn’t need to remove people even if you haven’t talked to them in a while.
  • Clay will try to enrich cards when possible. Clay adds phone numbers to existing cards by using the name from your contacts. If none is found, just the phone number is shown.

What Clay Doesn’t Do

  • Clay won't import any of the content of your messages. This is incredibly important to us. The full details are posted in our comprehensive Privacy and Security document, but we specifically never read, have access to, nor upload the contents of your messages.
  • Clay can't send messages on your behalf. This integration never writes back to your computer, so it won’t affect your iMessage at all. We only request permission for the purposes of creating contacts inside Clay.


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