What's New

Introducing Explore

June 23, 2020


• When Clay finds someone you might want to chat with again, you’ll see them in the new Reconnect section at the top of the Explore view. Tap on the person to view their profile, swipe them away to dismiss, and tap and hold to set a reminder or mute the person if you don’t want to be shown their profile again. We’ll refine these recommendations over time based on this feedback.




Live moments

• When someone in Clay with a Twitter profile changes their bio, location, or website, you’ll see those changes in your feed, along with what was removed or added. You’ll be able to reach out at the perfect moment.




News about your network

• Clay monitors thousands of online publications and curates mentions of people you know in the news. These articles now appear in your feed, alongside the person mentioned so you can effortlessly take a note or reach out.




Weekly highlight

• Each week, you’ll see a helpful summary of all the events you attended, people you met, and notes you wrote.




New members

• When someone you know joins Clay, you’ll see them in the Explore view as well.

Superhuman support

• You can now compose emails to people in Superhuman.

Improvements ✨

  • You’ll now receive a notification in the iOS app if there is a major update available on TestFlight
  • New contacts and notes are saved 2x faster
  • Better delivery of push notifications - more to come here!

Fixes 🛠

  •  Fix for login not working in certain cases

Reminders, Collapsed Group Meetings, Outlook, and more

May 4, 2020


• After meeting someone, you often want to remember to reach back out in the future. Now, those reminders are only a tap away. Set a time to reach out and you’ll receive a push notification reminder




Enhanced Group Meetings

• Clay’s Today view is an easy way to get up to speed on who you’re meeting, but large group meetings can often take up the whole screen. Now, group meetings are condensed into one line item that expands into participants (thanks Dan S., Jason B., and many others for suggesting )




Redesigned Search Context

• Search results now feature a new design language to get you the right information at-a-glance, including context on how you know a person best. For example—if you’ve met someone in the past, you’ll see a calendar icon next to their name. If you only follow them on Twitter, you’ll see a Twitter icon.




Outlook and Exchange Calendars

• Our friends who use Outlook and Exchange can now use Clay—simply tap “Add Calendar” in Settings.

Better Date Search

• In addition to terms like “recent” or “a while ago”, you can now search for terms like “last week”, “last month”, and “last quarter”.

Improvements ✨

  • Card animations are now 3x faster and smoother
  • Improved detection of first names
  • Improved delivery of notifications (thanks Sid J.)
  • Improved location search

Fixes 🛠

  • Fix for new Google Calendars not adding correctly in-app (thanks Julian L.)
  • Remove whitespace from before / after names
  • Fixed an occasional crash when signing out

New Tab Bar, Easier Copying, View My Profile, and more

April 9, 2020

New tab bar

• We have lots of new improvements coming in the next few weeks — to set the stage for those, there’s a beautiful new tab bar that puts all the most important Clay actions within easy reach




View my profile

• You can now preview your own Clay profile. Simply tap “View my profile” in Settings to quickly see your own Clay profile card

Easier copying

• To copy text from a profile card, just press and hold on the field for a second and you’ll see a notification that your text is ready to paste

Clay user badge

• You’ll now see an indication that someone is a Clay member on their profile. You can also search for Clay members in your network - just type “Clay members”. (If someone isn’t a Clay user and you think they should be, let us know and we’ll get them set up!)

Advanced search

• You can now search using a few advanced search tricks you might be familiar with from Google: quotes around a phrase will look for that phrase specifically, and a minus sign in front of a word or phrase will exclude records containing it. For example, “non-profit boards” will search for that exact phrase in your profiles and notes, while reporters -NYT will search for reporters who don’t work at the New York Times

Improvements ✨

  • You can now search using advanced search syntax: quotes around a phrase will look for that phrase specifically, and - in front of a word or phrase will exclude records containing it
  • Speed, reliability, and offline support improvements for notes
  • Re-adding a deleted contact re-adds their relationship history

Fixes 🛠

  • Authentication errors with new Twitter and calendar accounts (thanks Perry H.)
  • Hiding people on the homepage didn’t remove them automatically (thanks Andrew P.)
  • Tapping + on homepage on some iOS devices wouldn’t trigger new note screen (thanks Zach D. and Manan K.)
  • Better detection of meetings that are calls vs. in-person
  • Fixed an issue where notes wouldn’t display immediately after saving
  • Fixed an issue where line breaks wouldn’t insert correctly midway through a note

Suggest Edits, Edit Your Profile, and more

March 16, 2020

Flag incorrect or incomplete profiles

• Clay automatically manages duplicates, but occasionally we don’t have correct or up-to-date profile information. We added shortcuts for four common data issues, all available in one tap by tapping on the “…” menu at the top of each card, or on “Suggest an edit” at the bottom:

  • Wrong person: the information we pulled is incorrect for the contact info provided
  • Duplicate person: this person should be merged with one of your other contacts
  • Not a person: this contact isn’t a person — think meeting-room-1@company.com or a Twitter account like @NYTimes
  • Needs more info: a fairly empty profile, or one missing a photo / name / etc.




Suggest edits

• If you have more specific edits, tap on “Edit other details” to change a contact’s info. We’ll review and verify any information you submit before it gets reflected in that persons profile




Edit your profile

• Just like you can suggest edits to other contacts, tap “Edit profile” in Settings to change what other Clay members see about you




Fixes 🛠

  • Settings screen is less sensitive to taps while scrolling
  • Editing a note and then creating a new one no longer overwrites notes — thanks Andrew P.
  • Long contact cards word-wrap correctly now

Twitter integration, export your data, and more

March 5, 2020

Search your Twitter network

• Relationships live in many places, including social networks like Twitter. Connect your Twitter account in the Settings screen to search your Twitter network by followers, following, and their follower counts, in addition to all the other fields in Clay like location, education history, and work history where available. Some examples:




Export your data

• You can now request a CSV export of your Clay contacts and notes from the Settings screen

Choose your preferred email app

• When emailing someone from Clay, you can now select your preferred email client — thanks Andrew P. for the suggestion!

Improvements ✨

  • You’ll now only receive pre-meeting notifications when contacts have reasonably populated profiles — thanks Dan S. for the suggestion!
  • Hundreds more education + work histories added
  • Hundreds of duplicate contacts / emails merged
  • Improved network monitoring when offline — thanks Ben D. for the suggestion!
  • Smoother launch screen and card animations

Fixes 🛠

  • Don’t send notifications for all-day events
  • When adding a contact manually, homepage now waits until contact is successfully created to show the new contact
  • Hundreds of duplicate contacts / emails merged
  • Fixed tapping of pills on the contact card
  • Fixed bug where keyboard would disappear in notes view
  • Search rows are now the same size

Full work + education history, faster and more complete search, and more

February 10, 2020

Full work and education history

• Clay used to show someone’s current job and an abbreviated view of their education, but that’s not enough when you’re searching or trying to learn about someone before a meeting. Now, most contacts who have LinkedIn profiles listed on their profile should have full work and education history as well, which you can browse or search on:




Faster and more complete search

• Search is now more than twice as fast, search highlighting is more accurate, and you’re no longer limited to 50 search results — just keep scrolling to view all of them

Swipe to email, search by date, and more

January 21, 2020

Swipe to email

• Whether you’re early to a meeting or want to say thank you afterwards, Clay is the fastest way to email someone and take notes. Swipe right on someone’s name to send them an email quickly, and swipe left to take a note




Search by time period

• You can now search using time-based phrases like “I’ve met recently” or “I haven’t seen in a while” — for example, “people in SF I haven’t seen in a while”



What’s new with Clay

January 2, 2020

Take notes directly on your lock screen

• Tap and hold a notification during and after a meeting to take notes. Clay is the fastest way to save your thoughts and followups without distracting from your meeting




Quick notes

• Swipe left on someone on the homescreen to take notes




Pre-meeting briefs

• We’ve crafted a helpful reminder to get you up to speed for your next meeting—this includes any previous notes and links to all social profiles




What’s improved

  • Clay’s home screen now shows even more information about your meetings, including the type of meeting, number of attendees, and whether it’s recurring.

What’s new with Clay

December 29, 2019

Relationship history

• You can now see your first, last, and upcoming meetings with everyone in Clay. More context lets you understand how you know someone — click on any title to see the full calendar event.




Support and feedback via iMessage

• Reach out to the team with feedback, bugs, questions, and comments by clicking on the chat icon at the top right. We’re one of the first partners approved to use Apple Business Chat, and we’re excited to hear your feedback!

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