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How do I disconnect a connected account?

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You can disconnect an account if you no longer want that account's associated information to show up in Clay, if you're losing access to the account, or if you want to remove all of that account's associated information from within Clay.

When disconnecting an account, you have the option of keeping or deleting all data that's in Clay from that account. By selecting Keep a Copy, all of the data from that account that's already in Clay will be preserved, but no new information will be pulled in, meaning moments and new people from that account won't be updated. 

If you select Delete, all the information from that account will be removed from Clay, including people and moments that have been added from that account, unless you've created data around those people in Clay

Disconnecting an Account

  1. Go to Profile Icon in the top right, then Settings on Mac, Windows, Web, or iOS
  2. Under Integrations, choose the account you'd like to remove
  3. When prompted, chose whether you'd like to Keep a Copy of your data or Delete it

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