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Twitter integration, export your data, and more

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March 5, 2020

Search your Twitter network

• Relationships live in many places, including social networks like Twitter. Connect your Twitter account in the Settings screen to search your Twitter network by followers, following, and their follower counts, in addition to all the other fields in Clay like location, education history, and work history where available. Some examples:




Export your data

• You can now request a CSV export of your Clay contacts and notes from the Settings screen

Choose your preferred email app

• When emailing someone from Clay, you can now select your preferred email client — thanks Andrew P. for the suggestion!

Improvements ✨

  • You’ll now only receive pre-meeting notifications when contacts have reasonably populated profiles — thanks Dan S. for the suggestion!
  • Hundreds more education + work histories added
  • Hundreds of duplicate contacts / emails merged
  • Improved network monitoring when offline — thanks Ben D. for the suggestion!
  • Smoother launch screen and card animations

Fixes 🛠

  • Don’t send notifications for all-day events
  • When adding a contact manually, homepage now waits until contact is successfully created to show the new contact
  • Hundreds of duplicate contacts / emails merged
  • Fixed tapping of pills on the contact card
  • Fixed bug where keyboard would disappear in notes view
  • Search rows are now the same size

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