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January 29, 2021



• Every Clay member keeps in touch with different groups of friends and colleagues: former co-workers, friends from college, people to see in a new city. Now, you can create groups of people within Clay to better organize the people in your life. Groups show up in the sidebar on web or desktop, and on the new profile page on iOS. Groups are private to you, and we’ll be adding the ability to share groups and set reminders per-group soon.

Archive Accounts

• If you’re changing jobs and want to keep your contacts and moments in Clay, you can now archive a connected email or calendar account to remove it. Archiving keeps all your data from that account but stops syncing moving forward, while deleting an account will remove any contacts or moments created via that account.




Support for M1 Powered Macs

• Clay is now optimized for M1-powered Macs, meaning search, keyboard shortcuts, and animations are even faster and more responsive. If you have a new Macbook Air, Pro, or Mac Mini, you can download it here.

Improvements ✨

  • Subscription receipts now open correctly
  • Improved speed and reliability of LinkedIn imports

Fixes 🛠

  • “Updating” banners now only show up once
  • Various fixes for contacts with empty or incomplete education, employment, or website fields

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