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Editing improvements

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April 22, 2021

Adding and removing contact info

• You can now add and remove contact information like email addresses, phone numbers, and more, directly to a profile.

Adding profile images

• On desktop, web, and iOS, you can now add a profile image for your own profile and anyone else you have in Clay.

Adding or changing a LinkedIn

• If information is missing or incorrect on someone’s profile, it’s likely due to a missing or incorrect LinkedIn URL. If you add a LinkedIn URL to a profile that doesn’t have one, Clay will populate information based off it. And if you change a LinkedIn URL that we got wrong, we’ll update it with the new information.

Clearing a profile

• If Clay pulled incorrect information on someone, you can now clear a profile in one tap so you can start fresh and enter the correct details.

Desktop performance

• Using Clay on desktop and web is now 2-5x faster on various common screens, and more reliable when saving notes or updating information.

Reorganized edit view

• And finally, all the profile fields are now helpfully organized into a few sections that make it easier than ever to change something quickly.

Improvements ✨

  • Better keyboard navigation in inbox view on desktop
  • Faster updating of contacts after changes on iOS and desktop
  • Confirm any unsaved changes before dismissing on iOS
  • Better error states and alert messages on desktop
  • Smoother animations on desktop
  • Various fixes for Safari

Fixes 🛠

  • Many (*many*) improvements to new account import speed and reliability
  • Allow creating new people on iOS without a note
  • Fixed an issue where search results appeared out of order on web/desktop (most often for international users)
  • Fixed a crash when editing a contact from an event group
  • Fixed the contact view not presenting views or alerts in some scenarios
  • Fixed issue that would lead to duplicate notes when refreshing a page immediately after saving a note

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