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Related people in notes, birthday reminders, and more

  • Updated

June 10, 2021


Related people in notes

• When taking notes, you often need to mention other people: who you were introduced by, friends in common, colleagues who came up in conversation. Now, you can mention another person in notes to form relationships between different people in Clay. Simply type @ and then the name of the person, and you’ll see that person show up under the new “Related People” section. And since relationships are bidirectional, each person will show up under the other’s “Related People”.


Birthday reminders

• Another frequently-requested feature, you can now add birthdays to someone’s profile. The person will show up in the Explore view on their birthday, and you’ll even get a push notification if you have them turned on.

Command bar in search

• You can now use the command bar while searching, so taking notes, adding to groups, editing, and more common actions are faster than ever.

Change your preferred email

• If you want to receive these update emails or the daily and weekly briefs at a different email address than the one we chose, you can now change that in Settings.

Faster group editing

• You can now add and remove people from groups on desktop without an explicit save step, so the grouping experience is more streamlined than ever.

Improvements ✨

  • Added a quarterly option to Reminders
  • Improved desktop app speed and responsiveness
  • Improved speed to process updates from Twitter
  • Better handling of Twitter errors
  • New waitlist and onboarding flow for new members
  • Show line breaks and whitespace in bio field
  • Ability to tab through interface on desktop
  • Ability to use escape key to exit out of new person view

Fixes 🛠

  • Fixed copy+paste on desktop when text contained line breaks
  • Fixed a crash when editing contacts on iOS
  • Fixed an issue with Sign in with Apple on iOS
  • Fixed display of welcome email styling in Superhuman and Hey
  • Fixed bug that would cause search to be unresponsive on desktop
  • Reversed j and k keys when navigating the Today view

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