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Delegated access, and other improvements

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August 3, 2021

Delegated access

• Many Clay members have asked us if we can add an executive assistant, chief of staff, or someone else who they trust to their account. Now, you can do so yourself in Settings — simply enter someone’s email address and that person will receive a short-lived magic link to log in. You can revoke access at any time and the person will be automatically logged out.

Improvements ✨

  • Allow note text selection when in read-only mode
  • Warn if there are unsaved changes before leaving an edited contact profile or group
  • Save lists on enter on desktop
  • Rescore contacts after a merge so they’re properly ranked in search

Fixes 🛠

  • Fixed issue that prevented profile images from LinkedIn from appearing correctly
  • Fixed error when trying to paste an empty clipboard into the text editor
  • Fixed issue with gradients in newer browsers
  • Fixed a type error that was causing part of the group header to not render
  • Correctly themed the “add source” input that was missed when adding Light Mode

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