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Multiselect (and more!)

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September 23, 2021


Select multiple people with bulk actions in search

• We’ve talked to many of you who love adding people to groups, but that process can take a bit of time depending on how many people you’re adding. And we wanted to simplify the process of merging or removing people when Clay can’t do it automatically.




Now, you can select multiple people in search—use your mouse, or tap x or space to select a single person. SHIFT + Arrow Up/Down to select multiple in a row. Want to select everyone in a search? CMD+A, or the select all checkbox in the top right. And Escape once to deselect all, and twice to go back to your search.

Once you select multiple people, you can add everyone to a group, merge, or remove them. And we’re introducing a new action, Copy Email Addresses, that makes it easy to email everyone at once. It’s fast, easy, and—dare we say, fun?

We’ll be adding multiselect to more places in Clay (like groups!) but we wanted to get this out ASAP for you to use. Let us know what you think!

Improvements ✨

  • 📱 iCloud Calendar sync is now multithreaded, so it will sync faster and more reliably
  • 🖥 Improved performance when scrolling long search result pages
  • 🖥 Remove deleted/merged contacts immediately, to avoid confusion when those contacts stayed in the search view for a few seconds
  • 🖥 New loading screen and animation when opening app
  • 🖥 Display all available integrations, even if they’re only available on another platform

Fixes 🛠

  • 📱 Various fixes for iOS 15
  • 🖥 Fix bug when trying to remove someone with delegated access
  • 🖥 Allow empty sections when editing a profile (e.g. errors when removing all of someone’s websites)
  • 🖥 Various rendering issues in Safari
  • 🖥 Fix bug with Markdown rendering conflicting with Related People in a note

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