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Automatic Linkedin Syncing, Gift Clay for the Holidays, Swipe Actions on iOS, and more

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December 21, 2021


Automatic LinkedIn Syncing

• Many Clay members love our first-of-its-kind LinkedIn integration, but wish it pulled in new connections automatically. Now, it does! The next time you do a LinkedIn import, Clay will automatically sync new connections daily moving forward on desktop.

Swipe actions on iOS

• The Home view on iOS now has consistent actions to your Home view on Mac and web. Swipe to the right to star someone, or swipe to the left to take a note, set a reminder, or mark as done.

New Collections view on iOS

• We’ve introduced a new Reminders screen across Desktop, Web, and iOS so you can quickly see upcoming and past reminders you’ve set on people. And we’ve brought our Notes view to iOS so you can quickly view or edit a previous note.

Monthly email invoices

• Many Clay members expense their Clay membership — if you’d like an invoice emailed to you monthly, email us at and we’ll set that up for you.

New Profile, Settings, and Help navigation

• We’ve simplified the profile, Settings, keyboard shortcuts, email and chat support, and more into a beautiful icon in the top right of Clay on both iOS and Desktop. We’ve named our new friend Udo—a shortened version of “Udongo”, which is the word for Clay in Swahili.

Improvements ✨

  • 🖥 Switch to using pointer cursor for interactive elements only in the web app. Desktop now uses default cursor for interactive elements, with the expectation that interactive elements should have a hover state.
  • 🖥 Adjusted layout of navigation
  • 🖥 Added a star animation when starring/unstarring a contact
  • 🖥 Switched to a single left alignment for main content container and main header area
  • 🖥 Removed blurred headers from sidebar views
  • 🖥 Removed a dangling connector that would appear when a single Moment was shown in the sidebar contact preview
  • 🖥 Back buttons now only appear on child views
  • 🖥 Throttled note-saving success alerts to once every 45 seconds (at most)
  • 🖥 Checkable lists in our note text editor now use our primary checkbox styles
  • 📱 Updated various UI icons

Fixes 🛠

  • 📱 Layout and performance fixes for the note view
  • 📱 Improved the layout for group cells
  • 📱 Fixed a crash when editing a contact
  • 🖥 Fixed background blurs not being applied in some areas
  • 🖥 Fixed issue with group header underline appearing on top of dropdown menu
  • 🖥 Updated “add to group” keyboard shortcut (‘h’ -> ‘L’)
  • 🖥 Starred status properly updating on rendered contacts on hotkey and/or star icon click
  • 🖥 Fixed keyboard shortcut copy (‘Add People to Group’ -> ‘Add People to Group’)
  • 🖥 Fixed bug where selecting a contact in a nested list (e.g. contacts in an event preview in the inbox view) could appear to select 2 contacts. Only single contact is now selected at any one time, and we use the selection state rather than row:hover pseudoclass to apply styles.
  • 🖥 Checkable lists in our note text editor now properly wrap when the text exceeds one line.
  • 🖥 Note text editor now properly receives focus when switching from a read-only to an editable state.
  • 🖥 Esc button hotkey on “Add Note” view now only moves location back one route rather than (sometimes) two.
  • 🖥 Mentions now work in note text editors regardless of the editor’s starting state.

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