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Reminders in Notes, Multiple Reminders, and more

  • Updated

March 9, 2022


Reminders in notes

• Many Clay members have told us they use notes as an easy way to remember things to follow up about, or things they need to do for someone. Now, Clay makes it easier than ever to get reminded about all those dates. Just type a date or time period in your note, and Clay will set a reminder automatically and notify you on that date. And this also means that when you get a reminder, you’ll remember why you set it in the first place. Try it with a specific date (“Aug 10” or “8/10”) or a rough range (“next year” or “in a few months”). If you don’t want a reminder, just tap the date or backspace to remove it. Existing reminders have been migrated to this new format, so any one-off reminders you’ve set are now notes that you can edit or remove easily. As always, send us feedback — we’ll continue to refine our date parsing AI over time.


Multiple reminders

• Along the same lines, there are sometimes multiple important dates in the future for a person. You might want to send someone a thank you note next week, but then remember to reach out when they get married in September. Now, since each note can have a reminder, you can take notes about all of those important dates and Clay will remind you when it’s time to say hi.

Improvements ✨

  • 📱 Various performance improvements around notes

Fixes 🛠

  • 🖥 Fix an issue with Sign in with Apple where some Clay members would need to sign in twice on Chrome
  • 🖥 Bug where modals for contact actions (merge/add to group) would not open if a user were to navigate up in a list of search results and used a hotkey or cmd-k to open

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