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March 28, 2022


Serendipity. It's that warm feeling of running into someone you haven't seen in a while at a coffee shop, or realizing two of your friends should meet each other. It's a magical moment that most often happens in-person. Which is why we spent months rethinking how Clay could amplify and shape the serendipity in your life.

Introducing the all-new Reconnect, a simple and extremely powerful way to be thoughtful with people over time. By default, Clay will remind you about 3 people we think you should reflect on each day. Say hi if you want, read your notes to remember your previous conversation, or just dismiss the reminder if there's nothing to say. Even just getting in the practice of thinking of someone will help build the muscle in your brain associated with strengthening relationships.

If you want to adjust how often someone shows up—maybe you want to be reminded about them every month, or you don't want to be reminded at all—you can adjust their cadence on their profile card or by tapping "H". You can even fine-tune how many recommendations you get a day within Settings.


Reconnect intelligently takes into account when you last talked to someone and how close you are to them, so you can easily remember the right person at the right time. And it keeps learning and improving the more you use Clay.

Acting as a natural extension of your mind, it's a revolutionary way to remember all the relationships in your life. We think you're going to love it.

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