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The Starred group is a collection of your closest relationships, created during onboarding and added to whenever you connect new accounts. When a new contact is added to Clay, Clay intelligently evaluates the strength of your relationship. Especially close people from your recent past will be automatically added to Starred. Though this group is automatically added to, you can edit its membership just like any other group.

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On Desktop and Web

star card.gif

  1. Open a card and click Star at the top


star home.gif

  1. Hit S while hovering over someone in Home, Search, or a Group

On iOS


  1. Open a card and tap Star in the Action menu



  1. Swipe right on a card in Review to star or un-star

Keyboard Shortcuts

G then 1-9 to open a Group

G then S to open Starred

When you have a Group open

E to edit to change the color or name

A to add people

In a card

S to star or unstar

L to add to a group

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