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Groups help you keep the people in your life organized. You can add someone to an existing group, or create a new one by clicking or tapping on this icon.

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Creating a Group

On Mac and Web


  1. Open a card and click Add to Group at the top or hit L
  2. Either add the contact to an existing group, or Create New Group



  1. Click Groups in the sidebar
  2. Type in the new Group name and save

On iOS


  1. Open a card and tap Group
  2. Select New Group



  1. Tap Collections in the Tab bar, then the + next to Groups

Editing or Removing a Group

On Mac and Web


  1. Select a group in the sidebar or hit G then 1-9
  2. Click ... at the top and select Edit Group or Delete Group 

On iOS


  1. Tap Collections in the Tab bar, then open the group you'd like to edit
  2. Tap Edit or Delete

Keyboard Shortcuts

G then 1-9 to open a Group

G then S to open Starred

When you have a Group open

E to edit to change the color or name

A to add people

In a card

S to star or unstar

L to add to a group

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