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A Day in the Life

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Morning Check-in

After making their morning cup of coffee, Avery opens up Clay to preview what they have coming up today and see any relevant updates for people in their life.

They tap on the Home view to preview their plans for the day. Here they'll see any upcoming calendar events, reminders, and Reconnect suggestions. Their friend Jonathan and former colleague Jen are both suggested as Reconnects, but since they know Jonathan and Jen are super busy during the week, they set a reminder to reach out to them over the weekend. Feeling satisfied, Avery dismisses the rest of the people they don't feel compelled to reach out to.

As Avery continues to go through Home, they see that their former co-worker Gentry had a piece written up about her in Cipher. They read the article and feel proud of Gentry and the work she's been doing.

Feeling excited for their day and having connected with their friends, Avery finishes their coffee, grabs their bag, and heads out to their first meeting of the day.

Meeting Prep & Follow-up

Avery is in an Uber on their way to a midday coffee with their former colleague Drew who is in town for a business trip. On their way, they receive a notification from Clay suggesting they learn more about Drew. Because it's been a while since they caught up, they tap on the notification to see what's new in Drew's life.

Avery notices that Drew's Twitter bio changed last week to reflect a new job at Fifty Years. They hadn't heard of Fifty Years, so they tap on the Twitter link to learn more about the company before showing up at the cafe.

After a quick glance, Avery learns the essential background info they need and leaves the Uber to head into the cafe.

The meetup goes incredibly well and Avery learns that Drew is undergoing some major life changes: Drew and his wife are moving to a bigger house in a month to make room for the baby on the way! As they leave the coffee shop, Avery opens Clay to add a note about the move and the baby on the way, plus a book recommendation that came up during the coffee.

After writing the note, Avery realizes Drew and his wife could probably use some extra hands to help with the move, so they add a reminder to offer a hand the week before they plan to move.

Leaving the cafe, Avery inhales the fresh air and starts walking to an evening networking event where they hope to meet some fellow entrepreneurs.

New Friend

After arriving at the networking event and grabbing a drink, Sophia, the woman who organized the event, gets Avery's attention and motions for them to meet someone. Sophia introduces Avery to Auriel and mentions they're both involved in the diversity and inclusion space and thinks they should talk. After chatting for a bit, they agree they should find time to connect outside of the event. Avery opens Clay and asks Auriel for her email. Upon adding her email, Avery also jots down how and where they met.

After taking down her information and continuing the conversation, Auriel mentions that she'll be going to Dallas to visit family and asks Avery if they know anyone who lives there and is involved in D&I who might be interested in chatting with her while she's there. Nobody immediately comes to mind, but Avery pulls out Clay to search and see if they're forgetting anyone.

After searching in Clay, Avery learns that a former colleague transitioned into consulting for corporate diversity and inclusion and is based in Dallas! Avery offers to make an intro and edits their initial note in Clay to remind themself to intro Auriel and Renita tomorrow morning.

As the night closes, Avery makes a final round to say goodbye to the people they had met. On their way home, they make sure to open Clay and review the new contacts they had created that night and add them all to a new group titled "Sophia's Networking Event" to help organize these new relationships in their life

Avery arrives home and feels energized by the day they just had. They reached out to people they would have otherwise forgotten, connected with a former colleague, and met new people who they're excited to build relationships with. Clay was at the center of all these experiences and Avery feels great knowing these interactions, notes, and reminders all live in one secure place.

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