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Twitter and X

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Connecting to Twitter



  1. Go to Personal Info in the top right, then Settings on Mac, Web, Windows, or iOS
  2. Under Connected Accounts, tap Add or Connect Twitter
  3. Choose who you want to sync — your followers, people you follow, mutual follows (you follow them, and they follow you back), or everyone (both followers and following)
  4. Follow the Twitter authentication flow

What Clay Does

  • Clay automatically creates contacts for the people you choose.
  • Clay enriches your contacts where possible with publicly available information from our data providers.
  • Clay shows you when your Twitter contacts update their bio, location, or website. Feed updates appear on the Home page and often signal job changes, moves, or new interests and projects.
  • Clay shows you high-signal posts from your Twitter contacts. This includes job changes, new projects, news, and more.

What Clay Doesn’t Do

  • Clay doesn’t store your Twitter credentials on our servers. Your data stays private on your local device.
  • Clay doesn't take actions on your behalf or read your DMs.

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