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Clay’s LinkedIn connection creates cards for your professional contacts, so you can take notes, set reminders, and search for them in Clay, alongside everyone else you know.

Connecting to LinkedIn


  1. Go to Profile Icon in the top right, then Settings on Mac, Windows, or iOS
  2. Under Integrations, tap Add LinkedIn

  3. Follow the LinkedIn authentication flow

⚠️ Leave Clay open while the import is taking place. Closing or quitting the app will stop the import.

What Clay Does

Clay automatically creates cards for your 1st-Degree Connections on LinkedIn. Clay will create cards for new people and use this data to enrich existing contacts when there's a high degree of confidence that the people are the same. Clay’s search presents people according to relevance, so don’t worry if you’ve connected with people on LinkedIn that you're not close to—they’ll appear lower in Search unless they’re a good match for your search terms.

Clay enriches existing cards with publicly available information from LinkedIn. Up-to-date work and education history will be added to cards in Clay.

Clay will continuously reimport LinkedIn in the background. This means you’ll always have the most up-to-date information about your people in Clay.

What Clay Doesn’t Do

Clay doesn't read your LinkedIn messages. This is incredibly important to us. The full details are posted in our comprehensive Security and Privacy policy, but we specifically never read nor upload the contents of your messages.

Clay doesn't post to your timeline or send or accept connection requests. We only create cards for your 1st-degree connections and gather publicly available education and organization history as well as interests for creating and enriching contacts in Clay.

Clay doesn't store your LinkedIn credentials.

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