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Google Calendar

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Clay’s Google Calendar connection creates contacts for event attendees and displays event-related information on cards.

Connecting to Google Calendar

  1. Go to Personal Info in the top right, then Settings on Mac, Web, or iOS
  2. Under Accounts, tap Add calendar
  3. When prompted, tap Google Calendar
  4. Follow the Google authentication flow

What Clay Does

  • Clay automatically creates contacts for people you’ve met. This includes everyone back to your first calendar event.
  • Clay surfaces people you’re meeting in the Home view. Tap on someone to view their profile. On iOS, swipe to the right to star, or swipe to the left to take a note, change the reconnect cadence, or dismiss the reminder.
  • Clay shows your meeting history with a person on their profile. You’ll see your first event with a person, and your most recent event.
  • Clay prioritizes people depending on how well you know them. Don’t worry if you have a ton of events, Clay will prioritize people you've met with more.
  • Clay only pulls from your primary calendar. If you don’t know what that is, it likely doesn’t apply. But if you color-code your events between different calendars on the same Google account, you’ll be missing people who don’t appear in the non-primary calendar.

What Clay Doesn’t Do

  • Clay doesn’t store your Google credentials, like your password. Google only provides a token that Clay uses to pull calendar events. We never have access to your Google password.
  • Clay can’t create, modify, or delete calendar events. Literally, can’t. We request permission only for creating and enriching contacts in Clay.

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