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When Clay notices you haven’t spoken to someone in a while, we will surface their card in Review with the Reconnect feature.


You can adjust the Reconnect cadence of any of your Contacts, or ask Clay to intelligently remind you when to reach out based on the last time you interacted by selecting Automatic. If you'd rather not be reminded of a person, but don't want to fully delete them, you can set the cadence to Disable and Clay won't suggest them to you moving forward.

🌟 Pro Tip: You can also set how many people Clay suggests in Review settings. The number of reconnect suggestions you select here only applies to automatic suggestions, not to reconnects you manually set.

On Mac and Web


  1. Open a card and click Reconnect or hit H to edit or set the cadence


  1. Hit H while hovering over someone in Review, Search, or a Group

On iOS


  1. Open a card and tap Cadence in the Action menu to edit or set the cadence



  1. Swipe left on a card in Review and tap Cadence

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