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Major Release: 2-Way Address Book Sync

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We're giving you an early preview at 2-way native address book syncing. This is powered by our brand-new sync engine which will also power several exciting upcoming features.

Introducing 2-way Address Book Sync

Many Clay members now use Clay as their primary address book, but our goal has always been to give you access to those relationships where you need them the most. Today, we're excited to introduce a big first step in that vision.

Now, you can add Clay to your phone or computer as a secondary address book, so your entire network is displayed seamlessly alongside your other contacts. This means:

  • New contacts you add on your phone or computer will immediately be added to Clay
  • Changes you make in Clay will display on your phone, computer, or other applications

Getting Started

To get started, go to Settings > Integrations > Integrate Clay with Other Services. You'll see a special email address and password for your new Clay address book. You can then add that account as a new address book on your phone, computer, or any service that allows for external CardDAV connections. For more details, visit our Library page here.

Clay now works anywhere CardDAV is supported, including operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android; address books like Apple Contacts and Outlook; and third party apps like Raycast and Alfred.

This enables a whole set of powerful new workflows with Clay:

Siri gets superpowers

After adding Clay to your phone, anyone in Clay will be available to Siri and the rest of the Apple ecosystem— so you can call, text, or email someone with CarPlay, for example.

Avatars for everyone

Clay will sync avatars for everyone to your phone or laptop, so as many contacts as possible will display beautifully with the person's latest photo.

Bi-directional notes

Adding notes to someone on your address book will now show up in Clay, so you can jot down how you know someone when adding their contact information anywhere.

Deeper OS-level integrations

By having Clay contacts in your system address book, Clay contacts can be used across the operating system. Many email apps use the system address book for autocomplete, for example. And third party apps like Raycast, Alfred, etc. will be able to search on your contacts automatically.

A unified social graph (finally)

If you've ever wanted to have everyone you know across all major platforms in one place you can now easily look up all your relationships across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

ℹ️ FAQs

What happens to my existing phone contacts? Because it's a separate address book, Clay never modifies your other contacts. We've heard horror stories of other apps editing or deleting contacts by mistake, and that will never happen with Clay.

Does this support every field type? 2-way sync works with all fields Clay supports today, including things like avatars, birthdays, and notes. We're working to expand support to custom field types and ensure that all operations (create, edit, and delete) work across each field.

How long will it take to set up? Once you generate a password, you can add it to your phone or computer immediately. It may take several minutes for contacts to process and begin showing up, depending on how many people you have in Clay.

What does this new sync engine enable? Clay will soon be able to sync your entire network anywhere you might want it. In a nutshell, this will allow us to become the people layer in any workflow you can dream up. We're excited to share more soon!

✨ Fixes & Improvements

  • 📱 Added LinkedIn profile importing
  • 📱 Fixed an issue with the reminder picker when composing a new note
  • 📱 Added a tap gesture to the contact import avatars
  • 📱 Fixed a timeline fetch crash
  • 📱 Tab title change: Profile Settings -> Manage Profile
  • 🖥️ Contact caching improvements. We're now respecting the `@timestamp` value for contact data more comprehensively
  • 🖥️ Don't render contact action icons for rows rendered in the Home preview
  • 🖥️ Ensure there is no "selected contact" gap between when a contact is hovered in a list view and when that contact's profile loads after a click on the contact's row
  • 🖥️ Make entire Group title "input/" clickable in Mac desktop app
  • 🖥️ Force dark mode on all onboarding modals

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