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Personalized Note Labels

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🏷️ Introducing Note Labels

Many of you are voracious notetakers and wanted more control over the note experience. Now you can choose from a delightful set of icons and colors to craft the perfect label for your notes. This greatly improves the browsing experience throughout Clay:

They appear beautifully in the Notes view as well, making it easy to skim the notes you've taken and what they're about:

Use note labels to remember someone's favorite foods, where you met them, or what gifts you've given them. You can also use note labels as a custom moment when you interact with someone outside of Clay.

For now note labels are for organization, but we have a set of enhancements coming to make them even more powerful. Note labels are available on desktop and web, and in our updated iOS app out today.

✨ Fixes & Improvements

  • 📱 Update minimum iOS version to 16.4
  • 🖥️ Various performance improvements


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