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Phone call interactions, now in Clay

We're excited to announce support for phone call logging in Clay, a first-of-its-kind integration that helps you remember when you've spoken with someone.

Over time, we've heard from many Clay members for whom phone calls are a big missing piece of their timeline. Whether you're a real estate agent making calls on the go, an investor dialing colleagues, or just a thoughtful friend wishing someone happy birthday, phone calls are an important signal for the strength of relationships.

Starting today, you can add our Phone Call integration using the Clay Mac app, similar to the existing iMessage integration. As you make calls on your iPhone, those calls will be synced to Clay and appear on a profile's timeline. Phone calls are also incorporated into scoring and Reconnect so you know who you've talked to and when you chatted. New people you dial (or who call you) will be added as profiles in Clay — and Clay will ignore people you don't have saved in Contacts, so those pesky spam calls aren't added.

For more information on the integration, you can visit our Library page.

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