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Phone Calls

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Clay’s phone call integration creates contacts for people you’ve called and displays call-related information in the Timeline.

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Connecting to iMessage

  1. Go to the Profile Icon in the top right, then Settings or type , on Mac
  2. Under Integrations, tap Connect Phone
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions. The integration requires Full Disk and Contacts access due to the way macOS works.

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How it works

  • Anyone you've called and is in your contacts will be imported into Clay (missed calls or outgoing calls that weren't answered won't be tracked)
  • To confirm, you can open the FaceTime app on your Mac. Any calls visible there will be imported
  • Clay will import both phone and FaceTime calls
  • There may be a delay of a few hours between when a call appears in the FaceTime app and when it appears in Clay, due to how the Mac processes new calls
  • Unfortunately, phone integration is only available on macOS — not the web, Windows, or iOS apps — due to technical limitations

What Clay Does

  • Clay imports people you've called who are also in your contacts. Clay will create cards for people you've called. The more relevant someone is, the more often they'll appear in Clay and the higher they'll be ranked in search, so you shouldn’t need to remove people even if you haven’t talked to them in a while.
  • Clay will try to enrich cards when possible. Clay will add people's phone numbers and call moments to existing cards when the names match. If no name is found, just the phone number is shown.

What Clay Doesn’t Do

  • Clay doesn't have access to the content of your phone calls. This is incredibly important to us. The full details are posted in our comprehensive Security and Privacy policy, but we can never hear what you say on a call.
  • Clay can't call people on your behalf. This integration never writes back to your computer, so it won’t affect your Phone or FaceTime at all. We only request permission for the purposes of creating and enriching contacts inside Clay.

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