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We've now officially partnered with Zapier to make our integration live in the App Store, which means it's easier than ever to get started and add thousands of different apps to Clay!

We know many of you have been using our Zapier triggers in beta to add data to Clay from other apps. Here are some core workflows we’ve heard that folks rely on:

  • Create new contacts in Clay when rows or records are added to an Airtable database — great for using Airtable as a repository for forms, event attendees, etc.

  • Add new Fathom or Otter AI call summaries as Clay notes — once your call is done and the transcript is processed, a link to the transcript will be added as a note to the participants in Clay

  • Add new Notion notes to Clay — especially helpful when you have a Meeting Notes or CRM database in Notion already but want to make it fast and searchable

  • Sync Salesforce, Hubspot, or Affinity leads to Clay — update contacts in Clay with their latest pipeline stage

  • Import people in bulk from Google Sheets — the easiest way to get a list of people like event attendees, old address books, or exports from newsletter platforms like Substack or Mailchimp into Clay

  • Build custom integrations into your company's systems — fire a webhook from your internal software (e.g. when a new user is created) and Clay can create contacts for them. The possibilities are endless!

Many of you are already using Zapier recipes to automate your workflow, and those have been upgraded to this latest version. This is the first of many upgrades we have coming to have Clay power your most important workflows.

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