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X Marks the Spot (Our Twitter Integration is Back!)

We're excited to announce our all-new Twitter (X?) integration, making Clay the most powerful way to search your Twitter audience and get curated updates from those who matter most to you.

You can connect your Twitter account and choose to import your followers, people you follow, mutual followers, or everyone. Clay will import those people, enrich them with information, and allow you to search your Twitter audience by anything you can dream up — location, bio, interests, and more.

Just as with our new LinkedIn integration, you'll also now receive content that Clay identifies as high-signal and worth knowing about your network — job changes, announcements, etc.

And we've brought back one of our most popular features, profile changes, so you'll see when your Twitter friends change their bio, location, or website as well.

Clay is now officially the most powerful tool for searching and organizing your Twitter network. Find Twitter followers when you're traveling to a city, look for potential candidates in your audience, and more — all automatically. This powerful new Twitter integration is available across Mac, Windows, and iOS today.

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