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Adding Team Members

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You can easily add team members to your Clay Workspace. To do so, follow these instructions on Mac, Windows, Web, or iOS:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Members under the Workspace header
  3. Click "Add Member" and then add a team member's email address.

💡 If you already have an existing personal Clay account and intend on keeping it, ask your main account holder to add an email address like Most email providers (Gmail, G Suite, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Apple) will forward emails sent to that address, so that should fix things. In the future, you'll need to use to log in to the workspace.

If you only plan on using Clay for the workspace and don't want your own account, you can login, go to Settings > My Account > Delete my account, and Delete your Clay account. Then they can add you as a team member using and that should work.

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