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Introduction and Best Practices

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Clay for Teams is the easiest and most seamless way to share contacts with people in your company or your organization. Part contacts app and part CRM, Clay for Teams allows you to easily organize, collaborate, and network with customers, contacts, vendors, employees, and more.

Now you'll have a full picture of every single individual relationship as a team. See all the interactions anyone in your company has had with them in a beautiful timeline. Search across the entire network with our blazing fast smart search and ask any questions using our AI navigator, Nexus.

To navigate all of this information, we've combined our home and review pages into a an extremely powerful new unified Home view—a command center for everything going on in your network.

Teams that have tried this latest release have told us they've closed more deals, found better candidates, dramatically reduced their software budget, and most importantly unlocked deeper more meaningful relationships.


Search your entire team's network in one place

With Clay for Teams, you can effortlessly search through your entire team's network from a single, unified platform. Whether you're looking for a customer's contact information, a vendor's email address, or an employee's phone number, everything is neatly organized and easily accessible.

See who knows who best

Effortlessly identify who among your team holds the strongest connections, enhancing the way you leverage your collective network. This functionality is key for making strategic introductions and uncovering new opportunities, thereby fostering a more integrated and collaborative team environment.

Organize your team's relationships as a lightweight CRM

Clay for Teams serves as an easy-to-use CRM, designed to help you neatly organize your team's connections. It simplifies the way you manage contacts, from tracking interactions to recording key information about clients, vendors, and collaborators.

Centralize interactions from iMessage, LinkedIn and other messaging platforms

By pulling together interactions from iMessage, LinkedIn, and other messaging platforms, this feature streamlines communication by offering a single, unified view of all conversations. It simplifies tracking follow-ups and key details across various channels, ensuring your team can maintain consistent, effective dialogue with clients, partners, and colleagues without the hassle of juggling multiple apps.

Use Cases

We're working with many different organizations on implementing Clay with their employees. Some sample use cases include:

  • Executive Assistants
  • Chiefs-of-Staff
  • Executives
  • Sales People
  • Business Development
  • Corporate Development
  • Public Policy
  • Real Estate
  • Agencies
  • Public Relations
  • Recruiting
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-profits


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