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Introducing a new, seamlessly customizable way to get updates about your entire network.

Over the past few months, we've interviewed hundreds of Clay members to better understand their workflows. Executives, teachers, real estate agents, journalists...the list goes on. We asked how they used Home and Review, how they customized notifications, and how they reconnected with people that Clay recommended. We then took that feedback to re-design and re-engineer Clay's Serendipity Engine™ from the ground up.

All this work resulted in Clay's brand-new Home view.

Home now shows you all the people you need to think about each day. Specifically:

  • Your meetings for the day
  • Reconnect recommendations, for people you haven't chatted with recently
  • News mentions from over 50,000 global news sources
  • Birthday reminders
  • Reminders from your notes in Clay
  • New people added to Clay from one of your connected accounts

We've introduced filters by type, so you can see all updates of a particular type quickly. Updates are dismissable individually or in bulk, so you can triage and keep the view clean if you're an inbox zero type of Clay member. Or you can just browse the updates each day like a feed — it's up to you. Everything you could do in Home or Review is available in the new Home view.

We've done a ton of work behind the scenes to bring you these improvements. The new Home view is 4-6x faster than the old Review view, and is much more customizable — you can go to Settings to centrally manage all the updates and notifications you receive. Learn more at our Library guide here.

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