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Is there an option to permanently delete a contact instead of archiving it?

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To clarify, if you permanently delete a contact in Clay, it will only delete that contact until the next time you sync any account that has that person in it.

For example, if you delete a spam email account from your Clay account, that will be "permanently deleted," but the next time your email integration syncs, Clay will think the email integration has a new contact that should be added to your account, since that contact no longer exists in your account.

If you choose to Archive, however, Clay will recognize that there is an existing member that is stored in Archive and will not pull that information in again.

That being said, Archiving is likely the best choice for your needs if you'd like those contacts to never re-appear in your account again. Any archived contacts are unsearchable and for all intents and purposes, do not "exist" in the day-to-day workings of your account.

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