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Clay Affiliate Program

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Share Clay, Get Rewarded!

Give the gift of better relationships to your friends, family, and audience – and earn a financial reward as a gift to you. 

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What is the Clay Affiliate Program?

The Clay Affiliate Program is designed to reward you for sharing Clay with your network. Everyone is welcome – whether you’re an influencer, small business consultant, founder, or just a big fan of Clay.

You’ll receive $50 for every paid Clay user who signs up via your custom link (with a generous 60-day cookie window).

We encourage you to share Clay however you best reach your network: YouTube, TikTok, blogging, etc. We’re excited to see how you explain Clay’s benefits and features to your friends, family, and beyond! You can find more details on the terms of the program in our documentation here.


How it Works:

  1. JoinSign up for the program through our affiliate program, Rewardful.
  2. Promote Clay: Blogging, YouTube, Instagram, or just sending Clay to your friends! It’s up to you how you share Clay.
  3. Track your Metrics: Keep an eye on the Rewardful platform to see clicks on your link, successful referrals, and more.
  4. Get Paid: We pay on the first of the month, 30 days or more after a referral joins (to give times for cancellations, refunds, etc).

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