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🤳 Profile and Group Sharing for iOS

Hope you're having a great week and had a chance to check out Nexus! Back to our regularly-scheduled programming 🫡

🆕 New in this release

🤳 Profile and Group Sharing for iOS

We're on a mission to make staying connected as easy as possible, and our newest improvement to support that is the ability to share Profiles and Groups on iOS!

Now when you view a profile or group on iOS, you can easily share with someone else by hitting the Share button and creating a link to view the group or inviting someone individually. As always, you're in control of who sees what — you can share just public profile info, or optionally share their contact info, Moments, and/or notes for more visibility. To learn more, visit our Library.

🧠 Intro to Nexus

A few weeks ago, we launched on of our biggest features yet - Nexus. Nexus is the first AI navigator for your entire network. It's a collaborative partner that helps you thoughtfully navigate your entire network. Nexus combines the latest in artificial intelligence with the full power of Clay.

Nexus has context for the entirety of your relationships and is able to seamlessly understand any request about your network. Ask Nexus for help with reasons to get back in touch, ideas for the perfect outreach email, and even the perfect gift idea for that special touch. To learn more, visit our Library or watch our Intro to Nexus video here.

✨ Fixes and Improvements

  • 🖥️📱 Various performance and accuracy improvements to Nexus
  • 📱 Better loading states when signing in
  • 📱 Improvements when editing Groups

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