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Nexus is the first AI navigator for your entire network. It's a collaborative partner that helps you thoughtfully navigate your entire network. Nexus combines the latest in artificial intelligence with the full power of Clay. 

Nexus has context for the entirety of your relationships and is able to seamlessly understand any request about your network. Ask Nexus for help with reasons to get back in touch, ideas for the perfect outreach email, and even the perfect gift idea for that special touch.

Using Nexus

Here are some examples of how Clay members use Nexus today:

Drafting emails

Because Nexus has context on your relationships and background on who someone is, it does a great job of understanding tone and drafting emails appropriately.

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Gift giving

When you ask Nexus for gift suggestions for someone, it will take into account the person's background, interests, and notes to come up with a few ideas.

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You can even follow up with more specific gifts.

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Summarizing backgrounds

Nexus can also quickly summarize a person's background before you meet with them. As a prompt in Clay, you can enter, in a few sentences, "Tell me about Brian O'Malley".

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Intro emails

Many Clay members use our ChatGPT plugin to quickly draft high-quality intro emails between two people that they know.

How do I activate Nexus?

Nexus is available as a preview for all Clay members. To enable Nexus, navigate to the purple flower in the bottom left of your desktop app, or the top right of your iOS app, and click "Enable Nexus". You can also enable it in Settings. 

How do I use Nexus?

Whether you're a salesperson looking to deepen relationships with key clients, a freelancer managing multiple stakeholders, or a small-business owner juggling vendor relationships, Nexus is the perfect guide. Save time finding the right person, identify opportunities quicker, make better introductions, and host the perfect events.

To use Nexus, navigate to the purple flower in the bottom left of your desktop app, or the top right of your iOS app. You can search for a particular person to ask questions about, or ask questions about your entire network using the chat box at the bottom.

Is it available on all platforms?

Yes, Nexus is available on all Clay platforms.

What should I do if Nexus provided the wrong information?

If Nexus provides incorrect information, please let us know by hitting the thumbs down icon in the bottom right corner of the prompt. This will help us, and Nexus, learn how to improve.

Nexus uses information about the contact stored in Clay, so if Nexus mentions something incorrect you can click on the contact to edit any information or make sure it's pulling information from correct contact sources. 

Why did Nexus mention someone I don't know?

This effect is called an AI hallucination, where the response will mention people or facts that aren't true. This usually happens when presented with instructions that ask for types or quantities of people that don't exist. For example, asking "Find me 100 people I know in publishing" when you don't know anyone in publishing may return the names and bios of people you don't know. For this reason, we've designed Nexus to return references to the actual contacts it has pulled — almost as footnotes to its response. If you see names that are in a response that don't appear in the sources below, it's likely a hallucination. We've done a bunch of work to minimize these types of responses, and will continue to improve it!

My Nexus is moving slow, why’s that?

Nexus is new and filters through a lot of information to bring you the best answers, so it might take some time to formulate those responses. We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve and grow! 

What is the relationship between Clay and Nexus?

Clay is a beautiful and private home for the people and relationships in your life, built automatically from your email, calendar, Twitter, Linkedin, and iMessage. Nexus is an AI navigator for your network, and is an optional addon feature of Clay.

How is Nexus different from other AI tools?

While Nexus isn't the first AI-powered tool, it is unique in a number of ways. Clay has an incredibly unique dataset, complete with hundreds of millions of data points on people and relationships. By processing that data and using it selectively with AI models, you're able to ask more unique questions, and get more personalized answers, than any other AI tool.

Right now, Nexus is a feature built into Clay as a preview of what's to come. But soon, Nexus will be the people and relationship layer across any AI you use. Stay tuned!

What happens when I enable Nexus on my Clay account? How does Nexus use my data?

Nexus will have access the information you've provided to Clay, such as notes and sources. That data is protected following our standard Privacy and Security policy. Just like with the rest of your account and data, you own this information and it will not be used by Clay for any purposes outside of your personal account. We do not allow any partners or 3rd parties to use your data for training their models or any other purpose.


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