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Clay's all new search

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Welcome to all our new members this week — there sure are a lot of you! We've been working behind the scenes on a major upgrade to our search infrastructure that should unlock some powerful new queries and make Clay's search even faster — be sure to update the iOS, Mac, and Windows apps to the latest version to take advantage of these changes.

🆕 New in this release


🏷️ Search by field: You can now search specific fields in Clay, making Clay's search even more powerful. Simply type the name of a field, followed by a colon and the term you're looking for. You can view the full list of available fields here. Some ideas:

  • name:Brown will find only people with the first or last name Brown, not people who went to Brown University
  • note:"gift ideas" will find people who you wrote gift ideas about in their notes
  • company:"The New Yorker" will return only people you know who work at The New Yorker

🗓️ Date-based searches: See who you met in a particular year — it's a time machine into your meeting and interactions over time.

  • firstMet:2015 — great for seeing old relationships blossom
  • lastMet:2020 — helpful to find people you lost touch with during Covid
  • lastText:<2023 lastText:>2018 — people you last texted in 2019-2022

🧠 Advanced search: For searches that are very specific, you can now use advanced search operators to get hyper-granular results. They work just like Google:

  • Surround a phrase with quotes to find people with that exact phrase in any field. For example, "social media marketing" or "jet propulsion"
  • Add a dash in front of phrases you want to explicitly exclude. For example, paris -"investor" will show you people you know in Paris who are not investors.
  • Use an asterisk to search for all words beginning with that term. For example, bio* will find people who match biochem, bioinformatics, or biomedical.

And a bunch of other improvements:

  • Sorting by name in search and the People tab now properly handles middle initials, so names appear in the expected order
  • Changes made to a contact are now reflected in search results within 1-2 seconds
  • Even complex searches now return much faster
  • We've updated the Search page in our Library with all of these examples

✨ Fixes and Improvements

  • 🖥️ Fixed an issue where the Review screen was loading items before a Review item dismissal request had been successfully resolved.
  • 🖥️ Added max height to modals so content can scroll as needed.
  • 🖥️ Fixed an issue with removing links when editing a profile.
  • 🖥️ Contact info is more consistently updated and displayed throughout the app.

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